Stabilizing Your Footage With The Best Gimbal Stabilizers

SmallRig offers a wide range of professional gimbal stabilizers and accessories to provide the smoothest and most stable footage possible. Whether you need a handle, plate, cage, or wireless controller, SmallRig has everything you need to maximize your gimbal stabilizer.

Stabilizing Your Footage With The Best Gimbal Stabilizers

High Quality Gimbal Stabilizers and Accessories

SmallRig has been designing and manufacturing  professional camera accessories since 2013, and their gimbal stabilizer mounts, handles, and cages are no exception. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, SmallRig gimbal stabilizer accessories are precision machined for perfect balance and smooth operation.

Handles and Grips for Ultimate Comfort

SmallRig offers a variety of handles and grips that attach securely to your gimbal stabilizer to provide a comfortable and ergonomic filming experience. Their dual and sling handles provide side grips for stable control while handheld gimbals, and the wireless control handgrip allows operation from a distance.


Plates and Cages for Custom Configurations

SmallRig offers specialized plates and cages tailored to fit various gimbal stabilizer models. Their arca-swiss quick release plates, extended plates, and Manfrotto plates ensure a secure and repeatable connection to your gimbal stabilizer. Camera cages adds protection and provides attachment points for handles, rods, and other accessories.

Monitor Mounts for Field Monitoring   

SmallRig monitor mounts attach securely to select gimbal stabilizers, allowing you to view your footage right on your gimbal stabilizer. This gives you the freedom to monitor and frame shots while filming on the go. Many of their monitor mounts are adjustable for multiple angles and positioning.

Power Supply Mounts for Continuous filming

SmallRig offers power supply mounts designed specifically for attaching batteries and power banks to gimbal stabilizers. This ensures the balance of your gimbal stabilizer is maintained while also providing a continuous power source for filming longer takes.

Wireless Controllers for Filming From Afar

For situations where you want to operate your gimbal stabilizer from a distance, SmallRig offers wireless control handgrips and ring grips. Connecting to your gimbal stabilizer via Bluetooth, these wireless controllers give you stabilizer control without physically touching the gimbal.


SmallRig truly has everything you need to maximize the performance of your gimbal stabilizer. With high-quality mounts, handles, cages, and accessories, SmallRig helps you capture the smoothest and most professional stabilized footage possible.

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