The interesting ice cricket

Cricket is a sport that is full of all kinds of rules. However, this doesn’t mean that some new variations of the game can appear from time to time. The best betting in play on 1xBet website can be enjoyed by all punters who love this sport, and can be made on different variations of it.

Normally, cricket is played in the summer. This is because the weather in that part of the year allows for a normal development of the game, without interruptions due to rain or snow. However, there are some fans of the game who actually like to play cricket in winter conditions. When spending time on the 1xBet website, punters will discover a wide variety of options to make the best betting in play on multiple games.

A simple variation of the game

Winter can be quite long in many places in Northern Europe. For this reason, many fans of the sport have come up with new games to enjoy the sport while being in this long season. Those who wish to wager on different variations of cricket can visit the website.

Here is where ice cricket comes into play. This is a variation of the sport that, as its name implies, is played over ice or snow. In fact, there is no special surface put over the ice in order to play the game. The sport is played directly over the frozen soil.

This variation of the game leads to matches that can be highly entertaining. The 1xBet website is an excellent place to wager on its contests.

There are some differences between ice cricket and other variations of the game. Some of them are:

  • there is no mat put over the frozen surface;
  • in earlier matches, players used to wear skates, however, this has been largely abandoned;
  • and also, all matches are played with a red ball, which makes it much more visible.

Ice cricket has gained a lot of popularity in places where winters are particularly harsh. In fact, some important tournaments have been played in those parts of the world.

The Ice Cricket World Championship

As it happens with One-Day Internationals or Twenty20 cricket, there is also an Ice Cricket World Championship. The can be used to wager on it whenever it is celebrated.

Unlike other competitions, the event is always celebrated in the same place. Specifically, it is always organized by the city of Tallinn, Estonia. Also, the matches are not played in a stadium. Instead, all contests of this highly entertaining competition are played over the Harku lake. It freezes quite rapidly in winter and stays frozen for months, meaning that it becomes a perfect surface to play ice cricket games. Lots of variations of cricket can be wagered in pre-match and live forms by visiting the 1xBet betting platform.

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