Tips for the business owners in the 2nd quarter of 2022

Tips for the business owners in the 2nd quarter of 2022

Business tips that no one is talking about. Welcome to your website and let’s read a very interesting piece of content about business tips.

Prices in an online store 

An online store incurs less costs than a regular store on the street or in a shopping center, so prices may differ from the usual ones throughout the network. To the smaller side. Only this is wrong. When a person buys something from you first in the real world, and then sees the same product 20% cheaper online from you, he feels, to put it mildly, incomprehensible. And to be more precise – generally thrown. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being a sucker. I project my experience onto others, and it seems to me that the majority of the population of our country will subconsciously support me. Therefore, we decided: the prices in the online store and physical retail should be the same.

High quality implies “Our product is of the highest quality” is a bland phrase that will never mean anything. 

Not “fast delivery”, but “two hours”. Not “convenient returns” but “you can return any item for any reason to any of our stores.” Present the material in such a way that it contains much less of your merits than in reality. This is important because when they face reality, the product will seem not just good, but amazing. And if even the best product in the world is praised in advance and nothing is left for independent research, at home it will seem normal, because it is exactly what the client was waiting for.

Video marketing done easy

It’s important to do video marketing for your company. People in 2022 already know the authenticity behind each video. That’s why you should create a big plan where you really give honest advice in your niche. At the same time, buy YouTube likes to boost the videos popularity and let organic algorithms do the rest.

How people are afraid to make it simple 

A novice designer is afraid to make it simple and beautiful: it seems to him that if he does not make a heaped design, then his work will be invisible. A copywriter is afraid to write the most effective simple texts, because, as it seems to him, he needs to leave a trace of the fact that a real text guru has worked here. A manager who checks someone’s result often makes changes not because they are needed, but because he himself does nothing and is afraid that the boss will not understand his merits in the project. Only professionals are not afraid to do what is necessary to solve the problem. Therefore, if you see a leaflet written in a really simple and understandable language, a human press release or an official letter exclusively from understandable words, then you know: it was made by a pro.

Do good 

There is one important thing in common to motivate yourself and your staff. This is the confidence that you are doing the right thing, a good thing. For the seller, this is an iron confidence that he is selling a good product. For you – the understanding that you are doing everything the right way.

Attitude towards the investor and investment 

IT startups cherish dreams of a retired metallurgist, and striped mittens traders dream of an old IT specialist who does not need their business at all. Naturally, now we are not talking about a business on an especially large scale, where injections are the essence of the work itself. So. If you have ever thought about the fact that for a couple of years you can be planned and unprofitable, and then make a profit, ta-da! Leave this planet immediately. This approach is anti-entrepreneurial. Buy caramel lattes and smoothies. The entrepreneurial approach is very simple: money loves an account. Profit from day one. Do not owe anyone – or give away very quickly. Once again: profit from day one. Really. To spend money, you must first earn it.

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