Top 10 List of Automation Testing Tools

Are you looking for a robust tool to automate the testing of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system? Whether you are looking for a commercial, open-source or certified Microsoft automation testing tool, you will find every possible option on this list.

Executive Automats

Executive Automats is a paid no-code cross-platform tool for the automation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 performance and UI functional testing. Load testing support, no requirement for programming skills and several compatible applications including Outlook, SharePoint and SAP are making it worth its price.


Leapwork is also a paid codeless tool for test automation that can be used on the cloud and on premises. It is designed exclusively for UI functional testing, however, its test coverage is not limited to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can be used for other desktop and web applications. Leapwork is compatible only with Windows. is another rare testing solution for the Microsoft ERP system used for both UI functional and performance testing. Yet, it does not offer no-code automation and requires knowledge of JavaScript, C# .NET or Java.


Rapise is a paid codeless tool that can be used for certain components of Microsoft Dynamics 365 such as CRM and Business Central. It has features for test recording and editing in a spreadsheet-like editor.


TestComplete is a proprietary solution for automated functional testing, which can also be used with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is known for its accessibility for non-technical users and the deployment of AI for object recognition.


ACCELQ is another paid AI-based solution designed to perform functional tests of Microsoft Dynamics 365 without coding. It ensures continuous updates of the object library to match the updates of the ERP system.


Eggplant supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 functional test automation with a no code/low code approach. This paid solution aims to test the system taking into account the user’s perspective.

Microsoft EasyRepro

It is an official Microsoft automation testing tool earmarked specifically for CRM system testing. Unlike the previous products, it is open source, however, it is not compatible with platforms other than Windows, has no functionality for action recording and can be handled only with the knowledge of C# .NET.


Selenium is an open-source collection of tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE as well as Selenium Remote Control and Grid. It is cross-platform and enables test automation of virtually any type of software. Yet, it cannot be used without the help of professional programmers and requires resources for infrastructure maintenance.


RSAT is an official Microsoft automation testing tool. RSAT can be used without additional payment by companies that have deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365. RSAT focuses on functional regression testing exclusively of D365 FSCM

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