Top Careers For Gamers To Consider

Video games have long been known to help the development of players’ proficiency in many abilities, such as hand-eye coordination, analysis, logic, reaction to stressful situations, and even creativity. Using these skills to give yourself a boost in an exciting career may lead you to a job you truly enjoy and excel at. Take a look below at some of the suitable careers for you to consider.


If you have an eye for art, a knack for colour, and know a knee from an elbow, then maybe a career in animation may interest you. After learning some of the basics behind animation and bringing models and scenes to life, the only tools you’ll need to start with would be a good computer. Lenovo PCs for Animation are specifically made for this kind of work and offer a great starting point for any animator’s arsenal of equipment. As an animator, you could be responsible for some of the visuals behind blockbuster movies like Avatar or be part of a team that releases a smash hit AAA video game.

Airline Pilot

Pilots are responsible for moving some of the most valuable cargoes over the largest distances in the shortest amount of time. The responsibilities, and pay, are considerable, making this a top career for motivated, dedicated, and disciplined individuals. Since gamers spend a considerable time honing their hand-eye coordination, controlling aircraft and navigating come much easier to those who have spent a lot of time behind a keyboard and mouse. A crucial aspect of a pilot’s job is communication with air traffic controllers and co-pilots, which comes naturally to most gamers with a lot of experience in team-based, competitive games. Gamers also have heightened response times and can make decisions when under pressure, two other critical abilities for a good pilot.

Criminal Investigator

The primary duties of a typical criminal investigator are responding to crime scenes, obtaining warrants, analyzing crime scenes, interviewing witnesses, and writing case reports. A gamer’s heightened analytical skills, and adaptability in high-stress situations, are good to have when looking into this field. This is a stimulating career choice for a person who can focus, has good attention to detail, has good communication skills, and doesn’t mind blood.

Audio Engineer

If you consider yourself an audiophile, or you are more concerned with the quality and depth of the audio in a game than the graphics, then a career as an audio engineer may be perfect. As an audio engineer, you could help make and record the sound effects for radio, TV, movies, video games, and many other recorded forms of entertainment. You would also be responsible for removing unwanted noise and sounds in the background of recordings.

If some of these jobs interest you, take your first steps toward your dream career by carefully researching each career and getting as much information about them as you can. Salary expectations, typical working hours and conditions, the longevity of the field, and the dangers of the job are all questions you need answering before you decide to begin your path.

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