Unlock ToF Technology by Vzense's ToF Cameras

Unlock ToF Technology by Vzense’s ToF Cameras

Since 2016, Vzense has led 3D imaging, computer vision, image processing, sensor fusion, gesture, and face recognition. They’ve applied and customized ToF (Time-of-Flight) technologies in recent years. Vzense’s ToF cameras provide accurate data even in tough conditions. In this blog article, the theme is to discuss Vzense’s ToF cameras, their uses, and why you should use them.

Features of Vzense ToF Camera

Vzense’s 3D ToF cameras can distinguish in brilliant light and darkness without ambient light interference. They include several physical interface alternatives (USB, RJ45, aviation interface) and optional IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, making them suited for harsh settings. Several AGV devices use Vzense’s industrial-grade ToF cameras with established solutions and consistent performance. They may be modified to 120 degrees horizontally and have numerous operating distance ranges (0.35-6m) for broad area detection. Their ToF cameras enable POE+ power supply and Ethernet interface stability. IP67 waterproof and dustproof, they are suited for difficult settings.

Applications of Vzense ToF Camera

Vzense‘s ToF cameras are used throughout sectors. They can identify objects, regulate quality, and direct autonomous vehicles in production (AGV). They may handle warehouses, packages, and inventories in logistics. They count people, monitor customers, and recognize faces in shops. They may monitor patients, vital signs, and falls in healthcare. Access control, perimeter protection, and intrusion detection are security applications. Vzense ToF cameras have several uses.


Vzense’s ToF cameras have transformed commercial data collection and analysis. Its 3D ToF cameras are precise and dependable even in difficult conditions. Its industrial-grade cameras provide different working distance ranges, a big FOV angle, mature solutions, and consistent performance. Vzense’s ToF cameras may help firms use ToF technology in a variety of sectors. Vzense’s ToF technology will provide you accurate, timely data.

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