Unmatched Reliability: Why Easyweigh Leads as a Food Inspection Equipment Supplier

Easyweigh is a trusted food inspection equipment supplier for foreign body detection in packaged products, offering the latest in food x-ray inspection technology. With a focus on product integrity and consumer safety, Easyweigh’s Food X-Ray Inspection System is designed to meet the highest standards of quality control in the food packaging, pharmaceutical, and light industries.

Advanced Foreign Body Detection Technology

Easyweigh’s food x ray machine utilizes state-of-the-art penetration technology to precisely identify contaminants such as metals (Fe, non-fe, stainless steel), bones, glass, ceramics, stones, sand, rigid plastic, and desiccants. With precision and efficacy at its core, Easyweigh’s food x-ray machine serves as a reliable shield against foreign bodies, setting a new standard in quality assurance within the food industry. By meticulously detecting contaminants that could pose risks to consumer health, this advanced solution ensures that packaged products meet the highest standards of safety and quality, instilling confidence in both producers and consumers alike.

Versatile and User-Friendly Design

Designed for versatility, Easyweigh‘s food x-ray inspection equipment is suitable for a wide range of packaging products, including cheese, biscuits, potato chips, infant food, seasonings, spices, meatballs, and more. With a user-friendly interface, pre-installed Windows system, and over 300 product presets, this equipment offers high configuration, stability, and customization options to meet your quality control needs.


Enhance your quality control processes and elevate consumer safety with Easyweigh’s industry-leading Food X-Ray Inspection Equipment Supply. With features such as low leakage, well-known components, and easy maintenance, their all-in-one solution provides peace of mind in foreign body detection technology. Choose Easyweigh for reliable and advanced food x-ray inspection equipment that ensures the integrity of your packaged products.

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