What Are the Side Effects of Consuming Liquid Chlorophyll

What Are the Side Effects of Consuming Liquid Chlorophyll?

Have you ever thought about why plants are green? It is because of a compound known as chlorophyll. Historically, the compound is used to treat various health issues. Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and plays a vital role in food production for plants. Studies show that chlorophyll benefits for humans are promising. Visit chloroglow.com to know about these benefits. At the same time, some sources claim there are a few side effects as well.

In this blog, we will discuss the effect of consuming liquid chlorophyll. Moreover, we will answer a few of your frequently asked questions.

Human Body and Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll benefits are unlimited for humans. From weight loss to pain relief, many types of research reveal that drinking liquid chlorophyll can do wonders for humans. Before moving to the side effects of chlorophyll, it is worthwhile to mention the benefits of green pigment.

Chlorophyll Benefits for Humans

While chlorophyll plays a vital role in plants, it has a lot to offer to humans as well. Studies are constantly discovering new benefits of the compound. Here are a few of these benefits.

Anemia – Shortage of Haemoglobin

Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen in the blood. The shortage of hemoglobin is a serious concern as it is harmful to human organs. Moreover, it reduces the ability to fight against other diseases.

When anemia patients use chlorophyll drops, they witness an improvement in their condition. It is because hemoglobin and chlorophyll cells resemble chemically. More importantly, studies reflect that chlorophyll can cure hemoglobin deficiency issues. To improve the oxygen supply and maintain your energy levels, chlorophyll is a must for everyone.

Skin Improvement

From wound healing to acne reduction, chlorophyll’s benefits for the skin are amazing. Topical chlorophyll can speed up the process of wound healing. Moreover, it helps with acne problems as well.  

Are you worried about large pores? Thankfully, the miracle liquid can give your relief within a couple of weeks. Most importantly, chlorophyll slows down the ageing process by improving sun-damaged skin.

Body Odour

People who use chlorophyll supplements report a reduction in body odours. Some studies suggest that it reduces bad breath and body odor.

Weight Loss

With a regular intake of chlorophyll, you notice a significant drop in your weight. More importantly, it helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels. However, studies are limited on this subject. More research is needed to understand how and why it assists in weight management.

Cancer Prevention

Many influencers claim that chlorophyll can delay or prevent cancer. Its antioxidant properties are the reason behind it. Gladly, it reduces oxidative cell damage, which leads to cancer.

At the moment, these claims are not backed by scientific studies. However, some studies suggest it decreases aflatoxin absorption, which is linked to liver and stomach cancer. Ultimately, it reduces the chances of stomach tumours and pancreatic cancer.


Chlorophyll improves oxygen supply and blood circulation in the human body. Studies suggest that one of the chlorophyll benefits is detoxification. Moreover, it improves the immune system allowing you to fight against diseases.

Chlorophyll Side Effects

Before you start taking a health supplement, it is important to consider its side effects. Generally, chlorophyll does not have any significant side effects. However, it can cause mild side effects due to allergies or digestion problems. Here we will talk about a few possible side effects of consuming liquid chlorophyll.

Skin Reactions

Some people experience increased sunlight sensitivity after consuming green pigment. Due to the photosensitive nature of chlorophyll, it increases skin sensitivity to sunlight. However, it is fairly easy to overcome this problem.

When you apply chlorophyll to the skin, make sure that you wear sunblock. Even if you have sensitive skin, sunblock will resolve your issue. Most importantly, you should never over intake chlorophyll.

Thankfully, skin reactions due to chlorophyll are very rare. Usually, it happens to people with sensitive skin. Wearing sunblock and drinking the right amount will reduce the chances of any skin reaction.

Gastrointestinal Concerns

Most people claim that chlorophyll improves the overall digestion process. However, some folks experience digestion problems as well. Few prominent side effects include diarrhoea, colored stool, and digestive concerns. Unfortunately, these concerns are not explored or proven yet. However, you should visit your healthcare provider if you experience any digestive disorders.

People who experience these side effects usually do not require any medical treatment. These side effects are mild and you can get rid of them by adjusting the dosage. Moreover, you can use chlorophyll topically to avoid these concerns completely.


One of the reported side effects is discoloration. Researchers believe that chlorophyll intake can cause discoloration in some people. If you take a high dose of green juice, you might witness green-colored stool, green-colored urine, or tongue discoloration. 

Firstly, you should always start slowly while taking a new supplement. Gradually, you can increase the dose and take it to the approved maximum level. It gives you an idea about your tolerance level.

In addition, it is a good idea to talk to your nutritionist or doctor before starting the green juice. Moreover, you should avoid using it if it can interact with your medications. Your doctor can guide you on the subject.


When it comes to chlorophyll benefits, they clearly outnumber its side effects. With such a huge list of chlorophyll benefits, anyone would like to start consuming it. From cancer prevention to weight loss, it offers everything your wish for. However, more studies are needed to understand the compound and its impact on humans.

Fortunately, it is safe to consume an approved amount of chlorophyll regularly. There are several chlorophyll supplements on the market. However, chlorophyll drops and shots are the most popular. Last but not least, you must consult your doctor before adding the liquid chlorophyll to your diet.

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