WhaT influenceS Skin Type

WhaT influenceS Skin Type?

Will My Skin Type Change?

Absolutely! Another problem with skin typing is the assumption that your skin (and skin type) will be the same forever, or at least until you age. That, too, is rarely the case. If your skin-care routine focuses on skin type alone, it can become obsolete the moment the season changes, your work-life becomes stressful, or your body experiences hormonal or diet fluctuations or other physical changes, and whatever else life may bring.

To complicate things even more, in any given period you may have multiple skin types! It is not unusual for women to have a little bit of each skin type simultaneously or at different times of the month or week. An overview of how your skin behaves and changes is necessary to assess what your skin needs so you can then respond by applying the appropriate products to those problems areas.

Will I ever have Normal Skin?

It depends on how you define normal. As far as the cosmetics industry is concerned, every woman can and should have normal skin. Yet acquiring normal skin is like trying to scale a peak with a slippery, precarious slope. At some point you are going to take a wrong step. And if you have normal skin, at some point it isn’t going to be normal any more. Like the rest of our bodies, skin is in a constant state of change. Even women with seemingly perfect complexions go through phases of having oily, dry, or blemish-prone skin and then there are all the issues related to sun damage or merely growing older. In reality, no one is likely to have normal skin for very long, no matter what she does. Chasing after normal skin can set you on an endless skin-care buying spree, running around in circles trying everything and finding nothing that works for very long or that makes matters worse

Combination Skin iS The MosT confuSing Skin Type

Identifying your skin type is made a lot more difficult by the all-encompassing combination skin type. Almost everyone at some time or another, if not all the time, has combination skin. Physiologically, the nose, chin, center of the forehead, and the center of the cheek all have more oil glands than other parts of the face. It is not surprising that those areas tend to be oilier and break out more frequently than other areas.

Problems occur when you buy extra products for combination skin because many ingredients that are appropriate for the T-zone (the area along the center of the forehead and down the nose where most of the oil glands on the face are located) won’t help the cheek, eye, or jaw areas. You may need separate products to deal with the different skin types on your face because you should treat different skin types, even on the same face, differently

UunSeen Skin TypeS beloW The Surface

Another limitation of skin type is that it cannot address skin-care needs that may not be apparent on the skin’s surface. For example, sun damage is not evident when you are younger, but sun protection is imperative for all skin types. Oily and dry skin present at the same time, along with some redness, maybe an early sign of rosacea, not just a sign of combination skin, and rosacea is a condition that cannot be treated with cosmetics and is not easily diagnosed. What you see on the surface of the skin does not always indicate the type of skin-care products you should buy.

everyone haS SenSiTive Skin

Regardless of your primary skin type, ethnic background, or age, minor or major irritating skin conditions can be present, even those you can’t feel. The skin can burn, chafe, or crack, and you may have patchy areas of dry, flaky skin related to weather conditions, hormonal changes, the skin-care products you use, or sun exposure. Skin can also break out in small bumps that look like a diaper rash. Skin can itch, swell, blotch, redden, and develop allergic reactions to cosmetics, animals, dust, or pollen.  If that isn’t enough to make you itch just a little, then think about the number of cosmetics most women use daily

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