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OddsFootball Over/Under is currently a brilliant “shining star” in grass matches around the planet. Betting is not limited to big tournaments, but even in small matches, fans always “love” this type of betting. However, to start betting with this bet, basic understanding is indispensable. The article below from OKVIP will help you learn how to play Over/Under soccer betting like a master at the house.

Introducing Over/Under football

For sports betting enthusiasts, this is a popular type of bet that offers a very satisfying playing opportunity. Unlike the traditional Sic Bo game with 3 dice, Sic Bo in football offers a completely different way of playing. Without using dice, this type of bet is still identical to the odd version of the Sicbo game by betting on the results of the two corresponding doors.

Playing Over/Under football is playing with the sophistication of prediction ability. There are many attractive odds at the bookmaker that players need to learn such as what is the 2-2.5 Over/Under handicap, O/U handicap… The bookmaker offers created this type of play to help players place bets easily, without the need for complicated analysis, with a fair win rate of 50%. Especially, there is no need to worry about analyzing too much, the final result of the match will finalize the bet. Put all your betting skills to focus on analyzing the total number of goals and then bet on the number of goals exceeding Over or Under and you’re done.

The birth of football Over/Under

The origin of odds can be from Asia and was inspired by the game Sicbo, an indispensable game of changing fortunes since ancient times. For Over/Under bets in soccer, regardless of the type of match, most betting floors at online bookies have this bet. There is no special reason to explain the popularity of this type of bet, except for the purpose of providing players with more options for making bets.

Based on experts’ statistics, Over/Under odds are always the best betting choice, and a challenge worth conquering for bookmakers.

Understand the rules of football Over/Under betting

The gameplay is the perfect combination of simple principles and the typical appeal of the traditional Sicbo game:

What are the rules of soccer Over/Under betting?

The basic principles behind how to read Over/Under football odds, given in an easy-to-understand way for bettors:

  • Choosing goal value: The house will give the goal value as a benchmark, determined through in-depth understanding from bookmaker experts.
  • Predicting over/under soccer: The player is responsible for analyzing to calculate T/X the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match.
  • Decide to bet on football Over/Under through 2 main doors: Over, Under, Draw.

Over – Under

  • Over: Predict the total number of goals greater than the score mark value.
  • Under: Predict the total number of goals less than the score mark value.

Draw Door (Difficult option)

  • Cua Hoa applies at certain bookmakers.
  • Predict the total number of goals exactly equal to the score line.

Understanding football over/under rules will help you participate in this popular bet confidently and also bring you more personal experience that you can draw when playing the bet.

For example, a football Over/Under bet

In a dramatic situation at an online bookmaker, Vietnam and Thailand faced off in an exciting match with the TX bet being determined as 4 goals. Here’s how Over, Under and Draw look like in the context of this match:

  • Over: The bet on this match is for the scenario where the total number of goals of both Vietnam and Thailand exceeds the score by 4 goals.
  • Under: Under is a bet that the total number of goals will not exceed 4 goals.
  • Draw: In case of a Draw, the total number of goals scored by both Vietnam and Thailand will be 4, a quite rare scenario with a difficult to predict outcome but with a large prize money.

Understand how to read & calculate money when playing Over/Under soccer

Once you have mastered the principles of playing Over/Under odds, learning how to read odds becomes much simpler. Here is how you can understand and calculate winnings and losses in betting at the bookmaker in the most correct way:

How to calculate football Over/Under, bet on Over:

  • When the total number of goals exceeds the score mark value, the player wins and receives the original bet amount.
  • For example: If you bet 500,000 VND on Over and the total number of goals is greater than 4, you will win 500,000 VND.

How to calculate football Over/Under, bet on Under:

  • If the total number of goals is less than the score line, the player will win and receive the original bet amount.
  • For example: If you bet 150,000 VND on Under and the total number of goals is less than 4, you will win 150,000 VND.

Bet on Draw:

  • If a Draw appears in soccer Over/Under and the total number of goals equals the mark, the player wins and receives the original bet amount.
  • For example: If you bet 1,000,000 VND on Draw and the goal line is 4, you will receive 1,000,000 VND to win (Some bookmakers will have different, very high payout rates for draw bets).

In case of refund:

  • If no Draw appears and the total number of goals equals the scoreline value, both bets (Over and Under) will be refunded.
  • For example: If the odds are Over 1 and Under 1, you will receive your bet back for both bets if the total number of goals is 3.

How to play Over/Under in soccer and always win like a pro

Over/Under odds in football are becoming even better because the odds at bookmakers are increasingly competitive, especially attractive to newbies because they are easy to play. To be effective when betting, you need to master these football betting tips to help you win:
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Learn carefully about betting information

  • Review the team’s recent performance, number of wins, draws, losses, and goals and losses to get an overview of their current form.
  • Master information about the team’s squad, learn about key players and suspensions due to fines or injuries.
  • Assess the team’s performance through results at home and away.
  • Research the history of confrontation between the two teams, consider the number of goals and previous match results.
  • Find out if any key players on the team are injured or suspended. These absences can significantly affect the team’s overall performance and the final result.
  • Learn about the team’s tactical system and playing style. Some teams tend to attack strongly to score many goals. On the contrary, some teams have a solid defensive playing style but score few goals.

Draw your own experience in reading odds

Before placing a football Over/Under bet, information about both teams such as performance, confrontation history, lineup, gameplay, free kick rate is the most important to understand. This information helps you evaluate the odds, know the team’s strength, and create the opportunity to make decisions on betting Over or Under according to expert standards.

Do not bet according to the majority

Having the majority make the same bet can be an advantage, but it can also be a trap for the house. Avoid blindly trusting the mass betting data, but analyze it yourself to evaluate according to your playing experience to avoid the possibility of falling into the trap.

Applying these good ways to play soccer over/under will help you take advantage of betting information accurately and avoid common mistakes during the betting process!


With the growing popularity of football Over/Under betting, especially after the detailsBookmaker OKVIP mentioned in the article above, we have clearly seen that this is one of the top choices at bookmakers, attracting the majority of newbies and experts alike. For those who want to learn how to bet on football over and under correctly, learning from informational articles and experiences of great players is extremely necessary. Build your own strategy, bet confidently, and enjoy the joy of winning from Over/Under bets filled with opportunities.

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