What Is The Relationship Between Stamping Metal Parts And Consumer Electronics?

In the consumer electronics industry, stamping metal components are widely utilized. The current generation of consumer electronics, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart wireless headphones, smart watches, smart speakers, and virtual reality headsets, rely on metal stamping components.


Most of Hashimoto Precision’s industrial metal stamping components for consumer electronics are designed, manufactured, stamped, and post-processed by client specifications.

How Do You Define Hashimoto Precision?

Hashimoto Precision specializes in producing micro and nanoscale precision metal stampings for the consumer electronics industry. Due to Hashimoto’s precise process management and high-precision industrial metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts are suitable for the consumer above the electronics industry. In addition, consumer electronic stampings are frequently employed in voice coils, small microphones, speakers, transmitters, and receivers.

What Can We Offer Our Customers?

-Customized Product Processing Design

-Internal Tool Design And Fabrication

-Precision Metal Stamping

-Outsourcing Services For Processes Besides Metal Stamping

What Are Secondary Operations Available?

-Continuous electroplating, such as pre-plating, post-plating, and spot plating; copper, nickel, tin, and gold barrel plating

-Customized Packaging

-Continuous Roll-To-Roll Stamping Plating

-Heat Treatment

The Following Materials Qualify For Use By Hashimoto Precision:

-Copper Alloy

-Stainless Steel Alloy

-Extreme Nickel Alloy

-Aluminum Alloy



What Advantages Does Choosing Hashimoto Precision To Provide?

Our metal-stamped components may vary in thickness from 0.02-2.0mm. Hashimoto Precision inherited 87 years of skill and a lot of experience in stamping die manufacture. We have 43 machines for punching, optical grinding, and wire cutting, among other uses. Hashimoto Precision has both a longitudinal measuring system and an automated measurement system. The ROHS and REACH standards are satisfied through metal stampings.

As a professional stamping parts manufacturer, Hashimoto Precision focuses largely on customizing drawings and delivering high-quality metal stamping parts in line with customer specifications.

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