What Makes the Best Betting Apps for Indian Players

Looking for a good betting app in India? You’re in luck. More and more sportsbooks are accepting Indian customers, mainly companies based in Europe and the Caribbean.

Many of the companies are licensed and reputable. But don’t take anyone’s word for it. If you want a reliable betting app, look for an operator with the following features:

Operates in India

It doesn’t matter how popular a betting app is. If it doesn’t accept Indian players, it’s not the right sportsbook for you. Many bookmakers have a list of accepted countries. Check this list to ensure an app operates in India before you register and account.

Accepting Indian players is great. But you will have a better experience at an app personalized for Indian bettors. For example, check if it supports Hindu and other local dialects.

If you’re like many Indians, you love websites that display information in your native languages. It makes using a site easier. Also, check an app’s currencies. Is the Indian rupee offered? This will help you deposit money from local payment companies without dealing with conversion fees.

Customization also includes customer service. If you can contact support agents based in India, you can communicate with them better. That’s because you can contact them during local time, all while using the same language.

Safe and Trustworthy

A secure betting app safeguards your money and data. It secures your data in several ways: SSL encryption, password protection, data compliance and Two-Factor Authentication.

As a result, only pay attention to apps with SSL encryption—a locked padlock sign on address bars. Password protection is pretty standard. However, not every operator features two-factor authentication—a two-step account login method that asks for a password and a verification code.

Although a betting app might be secure, it might be untrustworthy. Trust is important in the betting industry. It gives you confidence to deposit money without fearing the app could confiscate your funds.

A trustworthy betting app also provides fair odds, and processes withdrawals quickly. Where can you find such an app? Visit casinobetting.live to find the best betting apps. As a bonus, you’ll also discover apps with the bet bonuses.

Covers Your Preferred Sports and Leagues

Cricket is the sport of choice for many Indian bettors. If you also love the sport, ensure it covers the Indian Premier League, the Pakistan Super League and all other top cricket leagues.

Most people bet on more than one sport. Perhaps you love European football—choose an app that support the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, UCL and international football.

In many cases, you don’t need to dig deep to know if an app covers your favorite sports. A quick check on a betting app will usually reveal all the sports and leagues you can bet on. The best apps support all major sports and competitions, from football and cricket to tennis and basketball.

Beware, though, bookmakers don’t always cover minor sports like lacrosse, greyhound racing and eSports. If you want to bet on one of these sports, verify that a bookmaker offers them.

Accepts Indian Payment Options

Earlier, we said that a good betting app needs to support the Indian rupee. What’s more, it should accept payment methods available in the country: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Pay, Net banking and Skrill.

That said, bookmakers vary when it comes to supported payment options. Some sportsbooks support card payments and digital wallets but not crypto. If you want a betting app that accepts Bitcoin, then you need to find one.

Besides accepting payment options available in India, you need a sportsbook with favorable policies. Let’s start with limits. Pick a company through which you can deposit from $10. And if you’re a high-stakes player, ensure you can deposit up to $100,000.

Next up, look at the sportsbook’s banking speed. How long does it take to process a withdrawal? The best sites process cashout requests within a day or two. If an app claims withdrawals take more than a week; get worried.

Fees are rarely a big issue in the betting space. But for your peace of mind, choose a deposit method with zero fees. Then ensure your bookie doesn’t charge too much during withdrawals.

Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Betting bonuses save many purposes. You can grab a no deposit bonus to get a first impression of a sportsbook. You could also claim this bonus to find out if the bookmaker processes payouts.

In other words, bonuses are worth it. But casinos don’t always give out these rewards in a warm and friendly way. Sometimes they set tough conditions you must fulfill if you want to use the promotions.

Beware of the terms and what they mean. For example, wager requirements mean you have to playthrough your bonus 2x, 5x, or 10x. As such, you want a bonus with the lowest number of wager terms.

Besides checking bonuses, also look at the offers. Choose a site or app with multiple promotions:

  • Deposit bonus
  • Risk-free bet
  • Enhanced odds bonus
  • Stake not returned

Bet Types and Odds

Many beginners get into sports betting to predict match winners. That’s alright. There’s good money in match winner bets. But there’s even more money in handicaps, accumulators, proposition bets and correct scores.

In other words, pick an app with lots of bet types. If you’re not sure what team to pick, you can always bet on the total number of goals, the first player to score or whether both sides with concede.

In addition to a myriad of bet types, it’s also essential to look at an app’s odds. Compared to other bookmakers, does your preferred operator provide better or worse odds.

The best sportsbook for you needs to provide competitive odds. That way, you stand to reap the maximum profits possible with every wager.

Your Turn

There you have it—a guide for choosing the right betting app in India. It does not have to be headquartered in the country. However, ensure, it is safe and trustworthy. Ensure it runs smoothly on your smartphone and offers great bonuses.

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