Do you like the feeling of adrenaline in your blood? If so, you must have tried many different adventure sports. But the thing about adventure sports is that most of them are very expensive. So, is there a cheaper option available? In fact, there it is and it’s called Zoring. This game is played using zorb ball.

Now you may be wondering what is zorb ball? Let’s take a look at it first and then we’ll move on to other things about the game.

Definition of Zorb Ball

In simple words, zorb ball is a huge ball of plastic. The ball is made of good quality PVC or TPU plastic. Clean plastic is used to make the ball and many people do not know it but zorb ball is two balls.

The inner ball is the ball that a person enters and the outer ball which is the ball in contact with the rolling surface.

Between the outer ball and this inner ball, usually, the air is filled, and if the force of the ball is very large, supporting arms made of flexible plastic are used between these two balls. A typical zorb ball is 10 feet in diameter.

The inner ball is usually 6 feet and 7 inches in diameter. In this way, the distance between the outer ball and the inner ball is about 20 to 24 inches, which makes a very good air cushion that protects the people inside the inner ball.

For added protection, all zorb ball is made of 0.03 inch thick plastic. Now that we know what zorb Ball is, let’s see what Zorbing is.

Get to know Zorbing insights!

Zorbing is simply an adventure sport that involves rolling down a hill or walking on a plain surface using zorb ball.

The game was started by ZORB Limited in 1994. The company is based in New Zealand and is now the largest governing body of the sport.

Coming back to his game, he has two levels which are beginner and professional.

The initial ball comes with a strap inside it. And, if you are using zorb nall for the first time, you will be stuck inside the ball and people will push it from outside. This is done so that you become accustomed to the spinning world which is presented at full speed by the force of the ball.

Furthermore, once you have enough experience, you can go inside the normal zorb ball and move it on your own.

Moving forward with the basic principles of zorb Ball and Zorbing, now let’s take a look at how popular Zorbing is.

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How popular is zorb ball?

Zorbing is a very popular sport all over the world. It allows one to go very fast without worrying about getting hurt. What’s more, it is also known for its age-appropriate approach, which is age-appropriate.

The popularity of zorb Ball ensures that it is used not only for rolling but also for many other fun activities. Some of the popular sports of zorb Ball are Bubble Football, zorb Ball Racing, zorb Ball Bowling, and Zorb Sumo.

You see, zorb ball is the ultimate source of entertainment. With that said, let’s move on to the places and prices you have to pay to get to Zorbing.


That’s all there is to learning about Zorb Ball and Zorbing. With friends and / or family when Zorbing is best. One zorb ball can make a family picnic 1000 times better. So, get your zorb Ball today and take it with you the next time you go out for a family picnic near a lake or in an open space.

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