Why More Cable Compound Customers Choose SUNUA

Why More Cable Compound Customers Choose SUNUA

SUNUA, a major cable compound provider, is gaining global credibility. SUNUA is the cable compound solution leader because to its quality, innovation, and customer service. This blog article will explain why more customers trust and prefer SUNUA as their cable compound provider due to its high-quality products, strong R&D, and great customer service.

Quality Goods

SUNUA’s goods pass the national inspection center’s RoHS and REACH tests. SUNUA’s lab has all the tools needed for batch testing and quality control. SUNUA offers complete cable compound solutions with R&D and production equipment such analog cables, optical cables, injection molding, and pipes.

R&D Power

With 19 invention patents, SUNUA innovates independently and masters polyolefin new material production. SUNUA is a leader in chemically modified polymer materials technology and has received several national and provincial science and technology project awards due to its outstanding R&D. SUNUA has received national high-tech enterprise, science and technology small giant enterprise, and Hebei Province cable functional composite material technology innovation center awards.

Great Service

SUNUA’s sales network covers all major regions of the world, and its service users include Hengtong Group, Chint Group, Japan Furukawa Electric, Hebei Huatong Cable, American Corning Optical Cable, Nexans Shandong, Henan Tongda Cable, Zhongtian Technology, Zhongde Cable, and over 500 domestic and foreign power and optical cable manufacturers. SUNUA has long-term partnerships with these companies and is renowned for its customer service. SUNUA meets customers’ high standards and diversified needs with sincerity, quality, and reputation.


SUNUA is a reputable cable compound provider that is gaining worldwide trust. SUNUA is the cable compound solution leader due to its high-quality products, robust R&D, and exceptional customer service. SUNUA is a reliable cable compound provider. Experience SUNUA’s superior products and services today.

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