Why Video is Hottest Growth Hack Right Now

Why Video is Hottest Growth Hack Right Now

If you are an active Instagram user, you must have observed how every renowned influencer has started creating reels to promote their content. The reason behind this is pretty simple. The Instagram algorithm favours video content over regular pictorial posts. Similarly, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and even search engines like Google give more leverage to video content. Thus, creating and posting video content is necessary to be heard and seen in this age and time.

This article will take you through the various reasons that emphasise the importance of videos. It will also brief you on how to create quality marketing videos.  

Top reasons for the videos being the hottest growth hack right now

  • All channels are encouraging the use of videos

As mentioned earlier, all social media platforms and search engine giants promote video content. Slowly and gradually, all channels have started encouraging people to utilise videos after many studies showed that the viewers preferred video content over regular content. Here’s a small list of the various social media platforms and search engines and how they encourage video usage:

  • Instagram: Instagram launched reels to promote the usage of video content. Moreover, reels feature twice as much as the regular posts on the Explore Page, giving creators a better chance of gaining traction through video content than regular picture posts.
  • Facebook: Gone are the days when you could only put a photo as your display. Facebook even allows its users to post a video in what was previously a space marked for your display picture. To encourage the use of videos, Facebook now even permits users to post videos in their ‘About’ section.
  • YouTube: YouTube is essentially a video content platform. However, to encourage users to post more and more videos, it has launched a new feature known as ‘Shorts’, through which YouTubers can post videos that span mere seconds.
  • Google: Since Google owns YouTube, it encourages the use of videos. Therefore, search results will showcase video content more than regular articles or posts.
  • Video marketing is not expensive

If you are a brand or a business, you know that marketing your products and services can cause a hole in your pocket. However, video marketing is a marketing strategy that does not require you to indulge in splurging. One can utilise a video editor to create quality video content. Today, video editors come in various price ranges. You can even use certain services and packages free of cost. Since video marketing is something you can do on your own, you do not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on an entire team of experts to create professional marketing videos. Therefore, video marketing is an inexpensive marketing practice.

  1. Creating videos is simple

Not only is video marketing inexpensive, but also simple. You do not need to be a professional to create standardised marketing videos. Video editing tools provide users with easy-to-understand tutorials, customisable templates, a user-friendly interface, and much more. A good video maker will also help you make smooth transitions and benefit from quick exportation. Given that you choose the right video editing software, creating videos can be super simple, fun, and accessible.

  1. Videos are assistive in building connections

Videos can be used in two ways—to attract potential customers and retain existing customers. Videos can be highly assistive in connecting with both new and existing clients. Here are the video types that can be used best to strike a chord with your clients:

  • Instructional Videos: There is a reason that tutorials fare the best on YouTube. It is much easier for your clients to understand how to use your products and services via tutorials rather than an instruction manual. Therefore, instructional videos are a great way to assist your clients and to reach out to them. 
  • Testimonial videos: Testimonial videos are a great way of converting potential clients into real-time consumers. Reviews are a significant deciding factor while finalising products. Imagine if written reviews leave such a substantial impact on the consumers’ minds; what wonders can a testimonial video do!
  • Educational videos: You can utilise educational videos to make your clients aware of the utility of your products and services. Suppose your products and services are sustainable or positively impact the environment in one way or another. In that case, educational videos serve as a great way to spread the same. Show your customers that you genuinely care about the greater good.
  • Work culture videos: Work culture videos serve a dual purpose. They make your clients believe in the goodness of your company. Secondly, they help in attracting diligent and skilled employees.
  • Product and service launch videos: You can use launch videos to keep your consumers updated about your latest products and services. When you put up launch videos, you also showcase your product and service’s best features. This will help build your clientele’s intrigue towards your products and services.

Therefore, videos can be highly assistive in building and retaining solid connections with your clientele.

  1. Other Pertinent Reasons
  • Videos have high conversion rates: Studies show that videos have a conversion rate of 80% higher than most media files. Therefore, videos fetch more traction for your website.
  • Videos can be repurposed: You can easily use video editing software to repurpose the same video across different social media platforms. Even though it might take you more time to create a video, in the long run, it is more time-saving.
  • Videos enjoy a longer shelf-life: Users tend to enjoy videos even weeks and months after being posted. Videos also tend to be watched over and over again. Therefore, they are bound to be visible enough for a longer period.


There are numerous reasons behind the popularity of videos. Videos are simple to make, inexpensive, promoted by various social media giants, extremely aidful in building long-term connections, enjoy high conversion rates, and have a long shelf-life, among innumerable other reasons. Therefore, you need to post more video content, whether you are an individual looking to gain more followers, likes, and comments or a business promoting your products and services.

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