Why Visit Green Planet Dubai

Why Visit Green Planet Dubai: Top 5 Things To Do

An engineering and architectural marvel in the middle of Dubai’s desert is also one of nature’s most stunning creations: Green planet dubai. Educating the public about the world’s greenest ecosystems has been the goal of the Garden Planet, which was launched in Dubai to bring together nature and science.

The dome is home to four distinct ecosystems, each of which has been meticulously re-created with plants and animals that can only be found in jungles thousands of miles away from Dubai. The Canopy, located 30-40 metres above the ground and serves as a diffuser for sunshine and rainfall, usually introduced to the students. The giant leaves of the rainforest’s middle layer are at the Midstory.

Species diversity abounds in the Forest floor’s humid climate, while the Flooded Rainforests’ peculiar wildlife thrives in the area’s perpetually soggy conditions. You may learn about forest ecosystems and their importance to humans and the Earth in general at this spectacular tropical rainforest replica. It’s a beautiful opportunity to know nature and learn about essential science. Take a trip to this unique recreational and educational facility to have a wonderful time with your life.

Green Planet Dubai Tickets

  • Day Ticket: Unlimited access to The Green Planet Dubai, including the Forest Floor, the Canopy, the Mid-Story, and the Flooded Rainforest, for INR 2067/- per person. (AED 99).
  • Sloth Encounter: Unlimited access to The Green Planet Dubai, including the Forest Floor, the Canopy, the Mid-Story, and Flooded Rain-forest, 20-30 minute sloth interaction, private session with in-house biologists for INR 5200/- per person (AED 249).
  • Sugar Glider Encounter Package: Unlimited access to The Green Planet Dubai, including the Forest Floor, the Canopy, the Mid-Story and Flooded Rain-forest, private session with an in-house biologist, and 20-30 minute sugar glider interaction for INR 5200/- per person (AED 249).

Why Visit Green Planet Dubai?

In Dubai, there is a tropical jungle called The Green Planet. This green haven is home to more than 3,000 plants, animals, and birds. An excellent place for a family adventure or a school field trip, the zoo also offers a variety of entertaining events, such as a picnic breakfast, swimming with piranhas, or pretending to be a zookeeper for the day. The Green Planet in Dubai’s glass dome aims to inform visitors about tropical forests’ critical role in the planet’s future. Everything in the dome is obtained ethically.

Canopy, Midstory, Forest Floor, and Flooded Rainforest make up this venue’s bio-four dome floors. All of the rainforest’s components are discussed in-depth at each level. The Green Planet is a sensory overload, what with all the animals and the roaring waterfalls.

What to expect at Green Planet Dubai?

The best way to enjoy this confined ecosystem is to explore the fascinating world of the Green Planet. The Green Planet is a haven for thousands of living organisms, including exotic flowers, South American plants, toucans, parrots, piranhas, sloths, Burmese pythons, crocodile lizards, and tree boas. Go on a nature walk through the dome’s jungle!

Visitors to the Green Planet can see over a thousand piranhas feed on their prey with their razor-sharp teeth in an unforgettable piranha experience. You can contact experts to learn more about these fascinating animals.

How to Reach

To get to the Green Planet, you need to head to the city centre. City Walk, where it is located, provides free parking for guests. The Green Planet can be reached by taxi, metro, or bus. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro (red line) from the Green Planet by taxi, a kilometre away. You can take bus line 28 and get off at City Walk to get to the Green Planet Dubai.

Pro- Tips

The average time spent at Green Planet Dubai is about two hours. However, the length of your visit will depend on your level of interest. The Green Planet Dubai has a café on site where visitors can grab a quick bite. It’s an excellent place for your children to have fun.

A field trip, a class trip, or a weekend getaway can all be scheduled here. You can contact Green Planet Dubai’s management committee for help in this regard. If possible, plan your visit for the beginning of the business day. Because there will be fewer people around when the store first opens, you’ll have more time to explore.

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