Why You Should Join Maxim88 VIP Program

Maxim88 has become popular because of its large selection of games, user-friendly interface, highly secure platform, and a variety of payment options to choose from. Although there are several bonuses and promotions available to players, Maxim88 has an exclusive program known as the Maxim88 VIP Program.

The Maxim88 VIP Program is specially created as a reward for loyal members of the online casino. In the VIP program, there are plenty of perks and benefits to provide a better gaming experience. The casino also offers generous rewards to improve your returns. Maxim88 Singapore also considers VIP members a priority, so they get quick customer care assistance and their issues are resolved immediately.

How to Join the Maxim88 VIP Program

There are five tiers in the Maxim88 VIP program, which are Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Crockford. Becoming a member of the Maxim88 VIP Program is very easy, and by following these few steps you can begin to enjoy the exclusive benefits.

  • Click the “Join Now” button on the Maxim88 homepage to sign up for your new account.
  • After successfully creating the account, log in with your username and password.
  • Make a deposit into your casino account and begin to play your favorite games.
  • Before you can become a Classic VIP member, you must deposit a minimum of MYR 50,000 within a month.
  • To upgrade to the Silver VIP membership, you have to deposit at least MYR 150,000 within a month.
  • To upgrade to the Gold VIP membership, you have to deposit at least MYR 500,000 within a month.
  • To upgrade to the Platinum VIP membership, you have to deposit at least MYR 800,000 within a month.
  • However, the Crockford VIP membership is strictly by invitation only.

Bonuses and Privileges of Maxim88 VIP Members

Despite the huge bonuses and promotions that Maxin88 offers its regular members, becoming a VIP member means that you enjoy several other exclusive privileges. At each VIP level, you enjoy different perks, and the higher the level, the more perks Maxim88 offers you. Let’s take a look at them:


This is the first level, and to become a member, you must have a minimum monthly deposit of MYR 50,000. As a classic VIP member, some of the benefits you will enjoy include deposit and withdrawal priority, a maximum limit of MYR 50,000 per transaction, up to 10 transactions every day, an increased daily withdrawal limit of MYR 50,000, and a MYR 78 birthday bonus. You also get access to referral bonuses, weekly reload bonuses, weekly raffle tickets, a 30% slot rebate, a 0.40% live casino rebate, and a 0.60% sports rebate.


You become a silver VIP member when you deposit MYR 150,000 in one month. Once you are verified to be a silver VIP member, you will get access to all the perks of a classic VIP member, but with higher rebate percentages, a larger birthday bonus, and a movie ticket in your birthday month.


The third level in the Maxim88 VIP Program is the Gold level. The benefits of this level include all the rewards of a silver VIP member, including increased rebate percentages, a festival gift, an exclusive birthday gift, and free bets for every member that you refer to Maxim88 online Singaporean casino. Before you can become a gold member, you must have a minimum deposit of MYR 150,000 within a month.


When you deposit MYR 800,000 in your Maxim88 casino account in a single month, then you qualify to be a platinum VIP member. This means that you enjoy all the benefits that a gold VIP member can enjoy, but you get higher percentages and more bonuses. You also get increased daily limits, priorities on deposits and withdrawals, 24/7 service assistance, and personal account managers.


The highest level in the Maxim88 VIP program is Crockford. This level is the most exclusive and is strictly by invitation only. Members at the level have access to extraordinary benefits and comforts to give them a top-notch gaming experience.

Apart from classic, the other VIP levels must undergo membership renewal every three months. All VIP levels receive excellent customer care support at all times. Members in the classic and silver levels get high priorities on deposit and withdrawals, but those in gold, platinum, and crockford get first priority. They are also able to reach out to their personal account managers whenever they need help.

Why Should You Open a Maxim88 Online Casino Account?

1.    Diverse Range of Available Games

The best online casinos offer members plenty of games to choose from. When you open your Maxim88 casino account, you will be able to place wagers on any type of game you want, including slots, sports, fishing, poker, and online casino games.

2.    Wide Selection of Bonuses and Promotions

Every member of Maxim88 Casino has access to several bonuses and promotions. New players can get access to the Maxim88 Draw Welcome Bonus, Evolution Gaming Welcome Bonus, 100% Welcome Bonus, or the 918Kiss X Mega888 50% Reload Bonus. Existing members can enjoy the Maxim88 monthly prize giveaways, the Weekly Raffle Draw, Referral Bonuses, Daily Reload Bonuses, and Birthday Bonuses.

If you decide to upgrade and become a VIP member, there are plenty of exclusive perks that you get access to, such as tier upgrade bonuses, birthday presents, festival gifts, birthday month movie tickets, and free bets for friends.

3.    Excellent Customer Service

Before signing up at any online betting website, it is important to make sure that they have a great customer service team. On Maxim88, you can reach out to their customer service 24/7 to ask for assistance and direction. They provide multiple options to get in touch, including live chat, phone calls, WhatsApp, WeChat, e-mail, and others.

4.    Safe and Secure Platform

Maxim88 Online Singaporean Casino features a firewall system, 128-bit encryption, and a two-factor authentication system. This helps to ensure that the players’ personal and financial information is secure. The platform is also licensed and regulated by the appropriate agencies.

5.    Payment Methods

Making deposits and withdrawals on Maxim88 is very easy and convenient. This is due to the payment method options provided. For Singaporean members, this is even easier, because most of the options are easy to access in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

Maxim88 is the most rewarding and exciting online casino for Singaporeans to play at. There are several bonuses, rewards, and immersive games available. Visit here to claim your bonus now! This online Singaporean casino also proves that it is reputable and trustworthy with all the security measures it has in place.

But before you can enjoy all these things, you must first register. After registering, you can join other loyal members in the Maxim88 VIP Program, where you can enjoy plenty of exclusive perks and benefits. These will make your gaming experience much better and also allow you to get bigger wins on your bets.

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