YLC-King Electronics: Driving Innovation in Electronic Manufacturing


YLC-King Electronics, established in 2012, is a leading electronics contractor in Shenzhen, China. Their mission is to create an encompassing pcb manufacturing and assembly platform for small and medium-sized batches. Through their one-stop electronic manufacturing services, YLC-King aims to support global customers in turning their ideas into finished products, while maintaining a focus on quality and efficiency.

From Design to Manufacturing: Collaborative Product Development

YLC-King Electronics offers comprehensive support throughout the product development journey. Their professional design team collaborates closely with customers, providing expertise in product design and development. YLC-King embraces an iterative process, ensuring that their ODM/OEM services are precisely aligned with customers’ vision and requirements.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities for Diverse PCB Needs

With their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, YLC-King Electronics houses advanced pcb manufacturing and assembly equipment. Their facilities are capable of handling a wide range of PCB complexities, from the simplest components to intricate designs. This versatility enables YLC-King to deliver consistent quality across diverse projects, addressing the evolving needs of their global clientele.

Rapid Turnaround and Certified Quality Assurance

YLC-King Electronics understands the importance of time and quality in the electronics industry. YLC-King is dedicated to providing quick turnarounds and rapid response times, minimizing production lead times and ensuring efficient project completion. Moreover, YLC-King’s commitment to quality is validated by their ISO9001, ISO13485, and UL certifications, instilling confidence in their customers.


YLC-King Electronics is a trusted partner in driving innovation through pcb manufacturing and assembly. With their collaborative approach, advanced facilities, and commitment to rapid response and certified quality assurance, YLC-King empowers businesses to transform their ideas into successful electronic products. Choose YLC-King Electronics as your preferred partner for reliable and efficient electronic manufacturing services.

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