10 simple steps to make an impressive TVC

TVC is a common form of advertising, but do you even really understand what a TVC is and how to make TVC effective? In this article, we will introduce to you every essential thing about TVC quảng cáo.

What is TVC advertising?

TVC is the abbreviation for Television Commercial and is the word used to refer to commercial video on the television. TVC is one advertising method that has been used in communication marketing strategies for a few decades. Until now, it has been considered as a communication channel to distribute different messages to target customers of businesses.

It cannot be denied that TVC is a complicating form of advertising. But as hard work pays off, TVC brings a great deal of trust from customers because television is an official channel that can guarantee the prestige of the business that created the TVC.

Overview of TVC advertising

Types of TVC advertising today

Once you have had the answer for the question what TVC is, you may refer to the popular types of TVC advertising today which are as follow:

Television TVC

This is a form of advertising on television and is broadcasted in different time frames with a huge cost. TVC Ads will be limited in a short time and the content is strictly controlled.

This type of advertisement requires a complete marketing strategy and plan. Moreover, the company needs to prepare a huge amount of money to buy the appearance on the time frames of the television channel. In addition to that amount of money is an additional cost to pay for the regular repetition aimed at maximizing access to viewers.

Online TVC

Unlike Television TVC Ads, online TVC is a form of advertising videos that appears on websites or social networks. This type of advertisement will not be limited in broadcasting time as well as the budget is not so high compared to TV TVC. Therefore, companies can choose to focus on the targeted customers base on data files.

Internal TVC

This is a form of advertising TVC to convey the message as well as highlight the cultural value of each business. This type of in-house media advertising is often built as a statement from company’s leader to increase persuasion and credibility.

Recruitment TVC

This form of TVC, as its name has depicted, is designed with the main purpose of introducing the business as well as the benefits that employees will receive when working in that company. This type of TVC will advertise policies, values and interests of the business in order to attract talented candidates.


If you already know what TVC advertising is, you will absolutely know that the 3D format will make the visual effects more fascinating and interesting. This is a TVC form that creates a near real feeling and creates huge impact on viewers. TVC 3D is usually chosen as a promotional video for customer reviews and has the role of sharing the business value to targeted customers.

The role of TVC

TVC advertising helps businesses in promoting their brand name.

TVC advertising also helps to promote the focused products to potential customers and consumers.

TVC advertising helps to build the brand’s image and strengthened its impact on customers’ assessments.

TVC advertising also helps to create a potential future market with customer database through the number of audience on television.

Structure of TVC advertising

Normally, a TVC will have the duration from 10 seconds to 30 seconds which depends on the message that the business wants to deliver to their viewers. There are some special TVCs that have broadcast times of over 60 seconds. The basic steps that any TVC will have are: pre-production, production, post-production and release just like a movie, but with less time and resources.

Steps of making a TVC

TVC is all about persuading customers, and TVC creation is the process of making that persuation. In order to make an impressive and effective TVC, you must know these following basic steps:

Collecting customer data

Concept drafting

Writing text script

Fill the script with illustrations

Select Cast (Casting)


Post production

Export finished products

Full guideline to make a TVC

To make a successful TVC, you must know the drill of it. Here is how to do it.

What is your idea?

To make a TVC being broadcasted on television is a long and costing process. Therefore, when you have decided to send your TVC on television, it must be effective and deliver your message perfectly. And the first step is to create a flawless idea.

Looking at some successful TVC in the past, the message is always short and impressive. Hence, do not make your idea too complicating. However, you must think big to enter the taste of target customers. The bigger your message is, the more viral your TVC will be.

Make an impressive script

Yeah, well, once you have a good idea, the next thing to consider is your TVC’s script. Please choose a decent script writer if you are not confident about your writing and literal thinking skills. The writer must balance between your message and the smoothness of the script. It must deliver your message completely and meaningful as well.

Remember that a TVC is a short video so don’t make it too complicated or too long. No one will care about a confusing or a prolix TVC.

Besides, your script must deliver the message even when the customers cannot watch it directly. So, with a limited time from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, please write a meaningful and concise script.

Do not forget the human factor on your TVC

I know there are a lot successful TVC without the present of human, but they are not the majority. To guarantee the professionalism and attractiveness of your TVC, you must choose actors carefully. They are better be key online influencers or middle class actors/actresses with good acting skills.

A good agency is still the key

If you are not professional cameraman or script writer, you better think about hiring a specialized agency. This agency will cover all the steps of making your TVC and will also be in charge of the quality of the final product. On the other hand, the price is also an important factor to consider when choosing your agency.

Plan every scene of your TVC

After having prepared your script and actors, you should plan for the shooting steps. Count every scene in your TVC and plan for all of them. Where will your scene be taken place and how many of them? Do not let any excessive scene show up in your final product. Shoot them all and make the edition flawless.

Visual and sound effect

Yet another factor to consider. Set the highest target for your TVC and editing everything until the most careful customer have nothing to complain.

Do not excess the time limitation

If your TVC is allow in 30 seconds, do not make it 31 seconds. There is no exception for any reason. Please make every second count.

The use of CTA

CTA, also know as Call-to-Action, is the thing that highlights your TVC. Do not make your CTA too complicated or too long, everything simple is also effective. The key for a good CTA is short, direct and competent for customers to remember in the shortest of time.

Choosing a proper broadcasting time

Not all the golden time TVC is effective and bring benefits to companies. TVC owners must know the correlation between broadcasting time and the nature of their product. Another thing to consider is choose the proper channels for your TVC. Don’t advertise fast foods on health channel, for example.

Maintain a continous broadcast frequency

Your TVC will not make the impression on the first broadcast time. So please maintain a decent frequency that fit with your financial budget. You may consider to use some support methods like landing page, website, leaflets or customer care hotline.


Above all is some crucial information to make a TVC. Please let us know if you have any question about it. We are always ready to support you.

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