Introducing the 8KBET Bookmaker

Today, there are many bookmakers in the betting market and players are always confusing about what is the most trustful bookmaker to bet in. The top criteria may be the information security, the fast transaction process or the diversity of the game store. Today, in this article, we will discuss abou the 8KBET bookie and how good it is.

First impression of 8kbet bookmaker

8kbet is one of the top online betting distributors in the Asian market. Despite the short operational time, 8kbet is still the trusted destination for a lot of Vietnamese bettors thanks to the modernity of the system as well as the professional service.

What is the 8kbetviet bookie?

8kbetviet gains its reputation based on its origin. 8kbetviet is sponsored by PAGCOR, the biggest corporation in Phillipines and has been authorized to operating legally all over the world. The playground that 8kbet has made is one of the top qualified playground in the international betting market. More than that, the winning rate of this bookie is higher than other bookmakers so players can make a huge fortune when betting in here.

In addition, 8kbetviet always puts the interests of its customers as the top criterion. Through many years of operating, 8kbetviet knows what customers want and bases on that to create a quality entertainment field with many favourite games. In additional, the promotional programs of 8kbetviet is also a plus point for the bookie. Players of the bookie can also have fun and make money online at the same time.

Top games at 8kbetviet

The 8kbetviet bookie offers players the best online betting games from many ranges such as casino, sports, lottery, cockfight, e-sports, shooting fish, chess, … The specific games can be mentioned as:

Lucky Fishing

Oneshot Fishing

Dragon Fishing


Cai Shen Fishing

Lucky Taurus

Money tree

The Amazon Forest


Dream Gaming

Diverse game genres at 8kbet

Sports betting: This section is currently divided into 3 smaller segments for customers to choose, including Sports SABA, Sports UG, CMDBET, SBOBET. In here, players can watch live matches any time possible and bet for their favourite clubs.

Online Casino: is divided into 5 platforms with different types of casinos. In here, players can experience modern card games or famous Vietnamese traditional card games.

Lottery: This section has 3 types of lottery bets with different ways of playing and various rewards.

Besides, at 8KBET, players can participate in classic slot games, fish shooting games, chicken fighting, chess and other betting games they can imagine of.

Reviews of 8kbetviet

To have a clearer view about 8kbetviet, we will give you the reviews of some professionals about this bookie. We hope that from these reviews, players will consider and have their own choice.


Display of the 8kbetviet website

The main interface of 8kbet website is filled with two main colors are yellow and green to make a better feeling for players when playing. Moreover, the website has a clear view with titles are designed to be easily observed and chosen. So, even a new player we be able of grasping the function keys, how to register, play games and deposit and withdraw money without being confused.

In addition, this website also supports players in many different languages ​​so they can choose the suitable language for themselves. In particular, bettors can experience their games on 8kbet mobile versions which is applicable for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Web loading speed at 8kbetviet

When participating in betting at 8kbet, players will feel the most fastest loading speed among online bookies. With the two-way security system, the download speed is always at high level and there will be no lagging period. All players have to do is make sure that their internet connection is stable.

Customer service at 8kbetviet

With a large number of players joining in everyday, 8kbetviet always make sure that their customers will receive the best supporting service at anytime. The bookie promises to bring satisfaction to all customers, even the most demanding ones.

To do that, 8kbetviet owns a team of enthusiastic consulting and supporting staff with many years of experience and well-trained program. In short, 8kbetviet is always ready to answer all customers’ questions at any times of the day.

Information security

One of the most important principles that 8kbetviet set out is to ensure the rights of all members who are playing games in here everyday. To achieve that, we have to thank you the team of leading experts that has created a system with high security features and ensures the complete confidentiality of all customer’s information.

Transaction at 8kbetviet

8Kbetviet supports players to deposit and withdraw money through most major banks in Vietnam by all means of transaction methods such as Online Banking, Offline Banking (ATM / CDM, OTC, Interbank transaction). There are many big Vietnamese banks have commited to support players from 8kbetviet. These banks can be listed as follows:

Dong a Bank

ACB bank

Vietcombank bank


Sacombank Bank



Eximbank Bank and other banks in Vietnamese country.

Professionalism of 8kbetviet

8kbetviet not only brings a qualified and attractive game store but also offers top-notch experiences through a fast and professional support process. Any question from customers/players will be answered with dedicated attitude and we promise to support you until the problems are solved.


With the above information, we can make sure that 8kbetviet is the best destination for any bettor. Don’t be hesitate to register and play at this bookie. We can assure that you will have the best gaming experience ever. Good luck and have fun!

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