789bet- Best online gambling site you can find

789bet- Best online gambling site you can find

If you are looking for a reputable bookmaker with a large number of players, diverse game genres, quick and efficient support, less than 5 minutes deposit and withdrawal process and so on, then you have come to the right place. 789bet is a reputable house that is rated extremely well amongst all the hottest bookies today.

On the Vietnamese market, 789bet is a big name with many years of successful business. The bookie is accredited and licensed to operate legally by the Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Port.

Our activities

With a long time of business, the house 789bet has quickly affirmed its leading position in the online betting industrial of Vietnam. The bookie is sponsored by the parent company MAN Entertainment Group – The largest group in the Asian online betting market. Hence, the house 789bet has gradually gained the trust of the betting community with the gradually increasing number of players. There is no doubt to say that this is the premier betting site.

Moreover, the bookie 789bet is certified by the International Online Betting Association for its experience in providing online games with the record of serving number up to 10 million people.

Our games

With professional system and experienced staffs, the 789bet bookie offers a variety of online gambling forms to bring a fresh and exciting experience to players. The most prominent games on our platform are football betting, e-sports betting, online casino and other traditional online games such as poker, big two, bridge, gin rummy and stud. In here, we will go deeply to find out how our most playable games can attract many gamblers.

Sports bet

Choosing 789bet, you will be able to participate in sports betting on an international scale. Besides the top tournaments in the world, 789bet also offers players the chance to bet on exciting and surprising football matches.

And not limited in football only, 789bet also expands the betting scale to many attractive sports tournaments like tennis, car racing, horse racing, volleyball and so on. This business plan comes directly from players’desire and hobbies. We promise to provide a playground that can cater to diverse sports and satisfy for all walks of life.

Online casino

Now, you can completely participate in betting at any time without having to go to the real casino. With a system interface that is almost similar to an actual casino, players will feel the most authentic senses of play with just a few clicks/touches on computers or mobile phones. We provide a full range of games that are applied at most major casinos in the world today such as cards game, dice, slot 789bet, dragon tiger…

Online Lottery

With an international standard betting playground dedicated to the Vietnamese market, indeed, we also have lottery and bingo games that are familiar to Vietnamese people. With extremely high odds, you will experience the full range of lottery, bingo, Vietnamese bridge, fish and crab election here.

Our types of lottery games are:

Bingo – 1 for 99.5

Head to tail bingo – 1 for 99.5

Streak 2,3,4 – 1 for 17,74,251

Bingo slips 4,8,10 – 1 for 2.5,8,12

3 lottery pins – 1 for 985

4 lottery pins – 1 for 9500

Sic bo (pontoon, hi-lo) at 789bet

When joining in the hi-lo game on our website, you will experience all the betting forms of this game. Furthermore, the odds are very attractive depending on the bet types. There is even a betting form with the odds of 1:150. This is the most attractive point on 789bet when you play over and over.

Cock fighting at 789bet

Cockfighting betting is an extremely attractive and stimulating game for players. The player will win the bonus if their prediction is correct and when the guess goes wrong, players will lose the amount coin they have bet.

To be able to play cockfighting online, many players have referred to the reputable 789bet bookie due to the excitement of the cockfighting matches and abundant incentives when winning placed bets! Undoubtedly, 789bet is the top notch Online Chicken Fighting services. Besides, cockfight at 789bet also offers many incentives for fresh members who wish to join the brawl. So, don’t be hesitated to bet on cockfighting online in our system.

Online Fish Shooting Game

Coming to fish shooting at the house 789bet, you will transform into skilled fish hunters and start using your weapons to hunt down all types of fish. There are many fish shooting games such as: Shooting Golden Fish, Shooting Diamond Fish, Spree shooting, King of Hunting and so on.

Each type of fish is caught will be changed for different rewards. The bigger the boss is, the bigger the reward you will get. Due to the fact that many players do not have enough time to go to malls or entertainment places to play fish shooting, we build this online platform to please your desire of playing.

And, consequently, the reward changing system is bountiful and fast even to new players. They can easily get into the game after few minutes and get lots of bounties.

Besides, we will synthesize and evaluate the most reputable, safe and high-quality fishing game portals for everyone to play because we don’t want any stressful moment when you playing with us. The download link, instructions and extremely attractive gift code for newbies appear right after players joining the platform.

Our incentives

Every day 789bet records millions of new accounts participating in playing. This large number of players regularly accessing the website have clearly shown the fast development of the bookie.

First of all, when joining in here, customers’ information is always confidential and kept private so they can freely transact without fear of being exposed and hacked. Moreover, the bookie has been recognized by GEO TRUST and certified for a secure website. Accordingly, all members’ information is encrypted to ensure the absolute privacy with proven reliability.

Secondly, the diverse game system will help you immediately forget the boredom and enter a new state of excitement in the game.

Thirdly, the fast and professional customer service and support policy is a big plus of the house. You will always feel like you are being served like a real king with our staffs.

Lastly, attractive odds, together with the public transparency of the benefits of the games will help you feel assured to bet without fear of being scammed. Our fast trading of bonuses and promotions will also help you fully enjoy the joy of winning. We support most banking systems will a stable cash flow and absolute safety with fast transactions. Players can transfer money at: banks, Internet Banking, ATMs, or mobile scratch cards.

You can join wherever and whenever you want from your phone, computer, or tablet.

Finally, our incentives and promotions are held every week with the aim to bring new great opportunities for gamblers. You will enjoy a simple account registration procedure and strict legal requirements. Players should not ponder while providing their real information because monetary transactions through us are totally secured.


As mentioned above, although the house has not been active in the Asian market for a long time, it has all the qualifications of a reputable bookie and at the moment, the bookie is still working very well. Therefore, the booker is considered as one of the leading bookies in Asia and Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, it is widely attended and highly appreciated for the best translation quality at the moment.

Last but not least, there is no news related to https://7789bet.io/ scam or fraud, so the credibility is quite high. Don’t be hesitate to join with us today and the world will be yours!

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