TikTok tips for the business and companies to boost revenue

TikTok tips for the business and companies to boost revenue

The main audience of TikTok is young people, mostly teenagers. They all want to become famous or get their share of attention and, of course, make money on it. In order for a video on TikTok to start gaining momentum, get a lot of views and likes, it must somehow get into the recommendations.

To do this, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money and time, relentlessly purchase advertising, spam a link to a video on all social networks and instant messengers. In order for your video to appear in the recommendations, you must strictly adhere to the rules and tips, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

High-quality profile design

As with any social network, the appearance of your profile is important. Your TikTok page should be neatly designed: add your photo, come up with a title and write a concise description.

Too much information can scare away your guests, so cut off everything unnecessary and leave only the most important. In the picture you should look neat and friendly, slovenliness is not the best way to shock the audience.

Publication frequency

One of the most important aspects of promoting a TikTok account is the frequency of new videos. It is necessary to upload at least one video per day, while not forgetting the quality of the material. Optimal – 3 videos daily.

The number of views and likes on TikTok play a big role, and unusual plots and creativity directly affect the virality of a video. To quickly gain popularity and stay on top, you need to post interesting videos with enviable consistency.

Interaction with other people’s content

The more videos you watch on TikTok, leave comments and likes, the faster the activity grows in your profile. This is especially noticeable if you react to content that has a theme similar to yours. In this case, part of the audience of the account (albeit insignificant) with which you interact will visit your page and, quite possibly, will somehow react to your content. In this way, you can reach more followers for TikTok.

Profile Availability

Your account must be public to be eligible for recommendations. Closed profiles remain out of work, as they leave their owners without views and subscribers. Be sure to check this option in your profile settings.

Watch the video until the end

The more users who watch your videos to the end, the more likely you are to be recommended. Many tiktokers leave the most important and interesting information for last, persuading viewers to watch the video to the last frame. Accordingly, if viewers close your videos in the middle, it will be much more difficult to get into TikTok recommendations.

Short videos and promotion

TikTok algorithms do not really like long videos, preferring dynamics. The optimal length of a TikTok video for getting into recommendations is from 10 to 17 seconds.  TikTok algorithms work in such a way that a video gets to the top thanks to views, and the number of likes affects the decision of users to subscribe. Therefore, they often resort to cheat services , for example,  SmmTouch and DoctorSMM .

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