789BET – Vietnam’s No. 1 prize exchange game portal

 789BET operating in the Vietnamese market for a long time and always receiving the trust and support of most players. Dealer 789BET Not only does it provide an attractive entertainment playground, but it also helps players earn a large source of income. Together  789BET Rate this game portal right away.

Reputable international bookmaker in Vietnam

Game portal 789BET appeared on the Vietnamese market since 2017 and has become an extremely prestigious and reliable game. With the efforts and development of 789BET, gamers have had an interesting entertainment playground and many attractive prizes.

Dealer 789BET fully meets the standards set for a reputable bookmaker. So choose the game now 789BET will not disappoint you.

Evaluate the reputation of 789BET

With the time of operation in the Vietnamese market, the bookmaker 789BET has been bringing a fair and transparent playing field to all types of players. 789BET Receiving great support from players of different ages is thanks to its reputation. Besides, the bookmaker 789BET There are many other advantages that are well appreciated by the community of players and bookmakers.

Professional interface

789BET Invest heavily in designing user-friendly game interfaces. Buttons and functions are arranged extremely logically and scientifically to help players easily recognize them. The game interface supports Vietnamese so players will not spend too much time searching.

An outstanding advantage that cannot be ignored 789BET is that there is an application specifically for mobile devices. Players can download the app to their mobile devices to experience the best games. The interface is synchronized between both the web interface and the phone application, so players can comfortably play anywhere, as long as they have a device connected to the internet.

Diverse game genres

Game store of 789BET extremely diverse with games from traditional to the most modern. The most prominent among them is: Dragon tiger, move on, coin tossing, over/under… all have great odds and bonuses. There is always ongoing investment in the titles card game with rewards New products will be regularly released, creating an entertainment space for customers that is never boring.

Maximum security

789BET Is one reputable bookmaker, has the best privacy policy currently in the bookmaker market in Vietnam. With the best security system applied, all player information such as personal information, transaction information… are guaranteed to be absolutely safe. There will be no cases of information leaks or information being disclosed to third parties, so players can completely rest assured.

Reputable deposits and withdrawals

Information about bonus amounts and redemption rules are provided by the house 789BET Open and transparent on the main interface of the game. The payout time for players is extremely fast and players can also withdraw money for immediate consumption. This is possible thanks to the association of 789BET with payment units nationwide.

24/7 customer care

Professional customer care service is a highly appreciated point of the house 789BET. With a team of well-trained and professional staff 789BET confidently bring all players the best quality service. There is always staff on call 24/7 to quickly resolve players’ questions. With contact methods such as hotline phone number, Facebook, live chat…

Attractive promotions

Dealer 789BET is one of the few bookmakers with a large number of regular promotions. Events not only apply to veteran players but also to new players just starting to participate.

  • Rewards every day when completing tasks.
  • Bonus money for new members.
  • Reward players who successfully refer friends to participate.
  • Give bonuses every week

There are also incentives to refund 10% of revenue every day. Dealer 789BET Committed to providing an attractive playground with long-term incentive programs and stable benefits for players. Participate in playing games at the house 789BET, you will receive maximum benefits.

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Diverse game products of the house 789BET

Bookmaker’s game warehouse 789BET diversity and abundance. Game titles by 789BET are constantly updated with extremely beautiful designs. With the diversity and abundance of games, everyone can choose any game they love. Below are the 2 most famous game titles of the house 789BET


All online casino games at the house 789BET All cards are dealt by real people, professional, beautiful and extremely talented Dealers. There are many online casino games that are currently popular at 789BET are: Dragon Tiger, Sicbo, Baccarat..


With the desire to meet the entertainment needs of all players, 789BET has cooperated with many football teams around the world, thereby bringing many classic matches around the world.

Besides, the bookmaker 789BET also offers a lot of bets Sports betting for other subjects such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball… Along with other famous online games such as League of Legends, League of Legends.

Register an account at the house 789BET

You can choose to register a traditional account or register through your Facebook account, providing the most convenience for players.

To register a traditional account, you only need to do the following:

  • Step 1: Access the house 789BET via official links
  • Step 2: Select Register
  • Step 3: Proceed to fill in all the information required by the dealer 789BET request.
  • Step 4: Click the Register button to complete the process of registering a new account at the house 789BET.

With the option to register an account at the house 789BET Through your bank account, you can perform the following operations:

  • Step 1: Visit the house’s homepage 789BET
  • Step 2: Choose to register with Facebook
  • Step 3: Authenticate login from Facebook account, allow login at 789BET

When entering the information, you need to note that the information is accurate and the account number you provided to the house. 789BET matches the information about the account you registered at the bank. Players who register as new members and successfully verify their information will receive a small bonus to be able to experience our games. 789BET.

Instructions for performing transactions 789BET

For new players, performing transaction operations such as depositing and withdrawing money will be difficult. However, the operations are delivered at the house 789BET is extremely simple. Therefore, even people who are not familiar with playing online can still make transactions.

Deposit money into game account 789BET

Dealer 789BET Support players to deposit money into their accounts with many different methods such as phone scratch cards, bank accounts, via momo e-wallet… with the lowest limit of 200,000 VND and the highest limit of 900,000,000

With the scratch card deposit method, 789BET Supporting 3 major networks in Vietnam: Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone, players perform the following operations:

  • Step 1: Log in to your game account at 789BET
  • Step 2: Select Deposit and select Deposit with scratch card.
  • Step 3: Choose the network and card value.
  • Step 4: Enter the serial number and scratch card code in the blank box
  • Step 5: Check whether the information entered is correct or not. Then select Top up to complete the card loading process.

If players want to deposit money through momo e-wallet, they can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account, at the player interface, select Deposit.
  • Step 2: Choose the deposit method as Momo
  • Step 3: You proceed to link with momo wallet, providing the necessary information so that the house can authenticate the link with your e-wallet.
  • Step 4: Information including account number and account holder name will appear. Now you enter the amount and transfer content to make the transaction.
  • Step 5: Confirm the information then select Deposit to complete the transaction.

Withdraw winnings at the bookmaker 789BET

If a player wishes to withdraw money to their account for consumption after winning, they can choose one of two options: withdraw via bank or exchange it for a scratch card.

For withdrawal transactions 789BET into a phone scratch card, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Log in to the homepage of the house system 789BET
  • Step 2: At the player’s interface, select Transfer funds to request the system to withdraw money from the account
  • Step 3: Choose one of the 3 available networks 789BET provide.
  • Step 4: Select the denomination you want to convert. Currently the house gate 789BET Support players to exchange money in their accounts into denominations of 50k to 200k. Applies to all 3 current carriers 789BET support.
  • Step 5: Select Change card and select Agree to confirm the transaction.

If a player wants to withdraw money to their bank account, they can do the following:

  • Step 1: Log in to the account registered at the house 789BET.
  • Step 2: Select Withdraw money and choose to withdraw money via bank account.
  • Step 3: Select the bank, the amount to withdraw and provide information in the house’s form
  • Step 4: After confirming the information, confirm withdrawal.

The information needs to be checked carefully before confirming Deposit or Withdrawal for the house 789BET will not be responsible for incorrect information causing loss of property.

All registration, login, withdrawal and deposit operations on the mobile application are similar to those on the website platform. That’s why if you choose to download the house’s game  789BET On your phone, you can also follow these steps to register, log in, withdraw money and deposit money.

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