All You Need To Know About KCS, BTC, ETH, SHIB And DODGE From The House Of KuCoin

Kucoin has become the leading crypto exchange platform; the platform was launched back in 2017. Ever since its users have skyrocketed, they stand at more than 18 million; the platform is available in a mobile application and a website.Thousands of users have recommended it, so if you are starting your crypto journey, don’t go anywhere as Kucoin has the most feature so that you can convert your investment into riches, just like millions of Kucoin users.

We are here to inform you all about the main listing of Kucoin that would give you know-how about the digital wallet currencies listed on this platform.


KCS is a native coin of the platform Kucoin, launched in 2017; it is moving on the Ethereum chain and is supported by Ethereum wallets; if you hold KCS that it is very beneficial in a way that most of the charges will be lowered as a form of discount awarded, up to 80% of value can be earned as a deduction of transferring fees if a user holds more than 6 KCS coins.


BTC or Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the market leader of the crypto coins. It stands with the most market capitalization and highest worth per coin; it is the oldest digital currency and, in 2022, worth more than $28,000 as of the end of May. Its prices have soared since its launch making thousand of people millionaires. BTC is a highly volatile coin. It is not recommended for beginners to carry out the trading activity in this coin. BTC is also the primary market indicator of cryptocurrency. The correlation between the market condition and BTC performance is very high. When BTC is doing good, it reflects a favorable market condition and vice versa.


ETH is the second oldest coin launched after Bitcoin; it has been one of the most promising investments and is the leader of altcoins. Due to its high prices, investors and traders who find it hard to invest in BTC usually invest in Ethereum. Mainly beginners are advised to invest in Ethereum when starting their trading and investment journey because it is less volatile than BTC.


SHIB is one of the altcoins that is a decentralized currency it launched as a rival to DOGEUSDT SHIB is a meme coin developed by SHIB INU Ecosystem. It is an Ethereum-based coin.


DOGE is a meme coin that was launched as a joke. Although it has faced market fluctuations, over time, it has become popular among the crypto community, and financial advisors of the industry are optimistic about its future; it has been accepted as a payment method across several platforms earlier it was used for tipping on Reddit and Twitter.

We hope you have the information you need regarding the tokens and the coins mentioned above; all of these coins and many more are available on Kucoin, so plan your budget and research and invest in crypto with the leading platform of Kucoin.

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