Are Backsplashes in Bathrooms Outdated?

Bathroom backsplashes are one of the most important elements of a bathroom. They serve as the main focal point and create harmony within the room. There are many options for materials and colors used as a backsplash. Some ideas include natural elements like wood and tile mosaics. You can also create a unique look by combining different materials in one backsplash.

Modern black and white tile backsplash

A modern black and white tile bathroom backsplash ideas is an out-of-date choice. Instead of a simple white tile border, consider a textural tile. This combination looks much more modern and is easier to maintain. You might even consider a different style altogether if you’re considering replacing your current backsplash.

Another color scheme you may want to consider is black and white. Although this is an old-fashioned choice, it can look contemporary and sophisticated in the right setting. It also promotes sustainability by encouraging recycling. For a modern take on black and white tiles, check out the Grand Harlequin tile, a pattern that comes in black, gray, and white. This tile creates a fascinating visual illusion and can be used on the floors or accent walls.

Another popular style is the arabesque tile. This tile shape will be on trend for years to come. In fact, it could become a permanent fixture in mosaic tile. It also won’t date your home decor. Alternatively, you might want to consider the subway tile trend. It has become increasingly popular in kitchens and bathrooms.


While many people may say that wooden backsplashes in bathrooms are outdated, this statement isn’t entirely true. Depending on the type of wood you choose and its installation method, a wood backsplash can look either modern or rustic. In either case, you’ll need to maintain it properly and seal it to prevent water damage.

You can get a similar look by installing a small border of impermeable stone. This design will not only add a modern look to your bathroom, but it will also make it look very chic. For example, a bathroom with a marble backsplash is a great place to install a small border of stone.

A bold blue backsplash will create a tranquil escape and pairs well with the soft gray veining in a marble-framed mirror. For a more exotic look, you can incorporate Moroccan elements. An arabesque tile pattern, which is common in Moroccan architecture, is a great way to add a touch of Moroccan flair to your bathroom. This pattern will complement a curved vanity mirror perfectly. In addition, white grout will make your new backsplash stand out even more.

Tile mosaics

Tile mosaics in bathroom backsplashes are an incredibly popular choice for shower walls and kitchen backsplashes. They are extremely durable, easy to clean, and available in a variety of styles. If you’re tired of the old style and want to update your bathroom, mosaic tiles may be the perfect solution. Whether you’re planning a grand mural, or a more subtle mosaic on the side of your bathtub, mosaic tiles will make a statement and add a sense of luxury.

These tiles are available in large sheets, making them a great DIY project. You can also choose a variety of colors and designs to customize your bathroom backsplash. You can even choose a shimmering glass finish to give the room a contemporary feel. Another great option for backsplashes is horizontal painted wood planks. This look lends a cozy cottage feel to a blue bathroom. You can even update this look by adding a colorful vanity and industrial lighting.

Granite countertops

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and are considering changing the countertops, granite may be the right choice for you. This dense stone is made from ancient volcanoes and can be cut to any shape and size. It can also be stained to almost any color. These countertops are also easy to clean and maintain.

Before you install a new countertop, you should take some time to plan the project and choose the right tools. Otherwise, you could damage the stone. In addition to that, granite needs to be sealed regularly to prevent it from absorbing moisture. If this happens, the stone will feel less pleasant to the touch and will increase the weight. It is therefore important to choose a professional who has experience in installation.


If you want to update the bathroom without spending too much money, you can opt for granite tiles or countertops. These are lighter than granite slabs and can be installed in small bathrooms. However, you should be sure to install a strong floor underneath the tile, as these materials are heavy.

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