Are you searching for the top Australian Custom Builders that can build custom homes? By combining the latest innovations of top architects with the dedication of skilled builders, Global Prefabricated Kit Homes are the ideal choice to build your dream home.

“We listen to your needs and then design it to your Specifications , and then build it to the specifications of your Dreams!”

It’s time to build your Dream Custom Home


We’re the best way to build the dream house you’ve always wanted. We at Custom Global Construction, we offer you the most current house designs of different types. We help you plan your way from a rental home to a furnished airy and ventilated large and well-designed home.

As the most reputable Aussie Custom Builders We also concentrate on a broad variety of homes that include New residential construction that is brand new luxurious homes, semi-custom or fully-custom homes, medium and high density homes, unique log homes as well as hybrid homes, and of course kits home packages. It is said”Home is where the heart lies” “Home is where your soul is”. This is why you should cherish the process of creation of your dream house with us.


As part of our construction program, we offer a range of options and services that are like:

  • Trust and punctuality We are punctual and reliable in the cases of deadlines. We finish our projects within the timeframe we have promised or even sooner.
  • We offer economical construction. With us, you do not have to be concerned about your budget. We’re very concerned with the needs of our clients and will do our very best within the project budget.
  • Innovative thinking – We’re always up to date with the latest trends in styles and designs. We then add our own creative flair and our clients’ ideas to make their home more inviting and comfortable.
  • We are financially stable – As an internationally recognized Global brand, we enjoy an enormous influence in the market and can offer every benefit that can benefit our customers.
  • Planning The work we do is planned with a clear plan. We begin our projects by utilizing plans created by our employees which provide clarity on budgets and plans for our clients. In the event of any minor error in the plans , we make sure to inform our clients about it to ensure that we are transparent with each other.
  • Experiential Employees – We at Global are aware of the feeling of being privileged to own your own place. To ensure that everything is perfect, we employ a team of highly trained employees who have sufficient experience in their field and necessary knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

Talk less, work more – We believe that “Action is more powerful over words”. Therefore, we concentrate more on our efficiency at work and let our work speak for itself rather than merely talking about our brand.


It is very clear for the clients to have a ton of inquiries to them like Why just Global? Or then again Why not other Australian Custom Builders? We are more than delighted to answer these. At Global Custom Homes, the clients are our highest need and we thus think about them as our own loved ones. We thoroughly comprehend their feelings of building their own home regardless of whether it is interesting. We manage every single client by giving them fitting direction and individual perception. This makes us not quite the same as different manufacturers and constructors out there.


Ours is a skilled team of experts from all areas who work together with a wholehearted effort throughout the months to make your journey to the dream home you’ve always wanted. Employees are mainstays for our success. It is because of their immense talent, skills and commitment to excellence that we have been deemed to be among the most reputable Australian custom builders. The highly effective team includes:


Individuals are normally most joyful at home. Keeping this to us, we protect the interests of our clients by planning homes especially matching their desires and thoughts. Every single choice connected with these houses is taken solely after our client’s endorsement.

We, as famous Australian Custom Builders, at first require every single insight about all that you need to be there in your optimal home. The subtleties from you can be in any structure, for instance – a generally fabricated home, a picture, a drawing, a few additional elements, room plans, or simply an arbitrary picture to you. We like each and every data given by you and attempt to carry out it to the fullest to make your home like the one in your fantasies.

In this manner, you can totally depend on us for the achievement of your fantasy venture and offer us a chance to be a part of your excellent excursion.


At Global, we are worried about our singular increases as well as about the aggregate additions of our clients and representatives too. During the development time of our activities, we lay out a passionate association with our clients and they too with us. Building homes isn’t just our method for bringing in cash yet it has some higher reasoning.

There are a variety of security systems available on the market, so it’s important to choose one that meets your specific needs. However, with a little bit of research, you can find the perfect commercial security system.

For us as unmistakable Australian Custom Builders, it is an amazing privilege to satisfy the fantasies of thousands of individuals and to remain in their heart generally with the method for building their homes. However, it takes a great deal of ingenuity and difficult work to assemble a home yet the fulfillment from the client makes all the work and work worth the effort. Accordingly, the cheerful essences of our clients after the culmination of their fantasy project is the genuine rationale behind our reality.

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