Aviatrix or Aviator – Which is the Best Crash Game?

Aviator and Aviatrix online casino games have taken the gaming world by storm. Both games allow players to place bets on a plane waiting to take off and earn substantial rewards in each round. Though both games are similar in gameplay, a closer look reveals distinctive elements that set them apart.

This blog will look at the standard features and those that differentiate Aviator from the Aviatrix game online.

Aviatrix & Aviator

Before diving into the differences between the games, it’s essential to grasp the shared elements that make Aviatrix and Aviator appealing to players.

Core Concept

Both games follow straightforward rules. Players place bets before the plane takes off, and the longer the aircraft stays airborne, the larger the potential winnings. The countdown begins once the plane is in flight.

Auto Play, Auto Cash Out, & Double Bet

Aviator and Aviatrix offer the convenience of Auto Play and Auto Cash Out options. These features allow players to automate their betting and cash out processes, making the gameplay more accessible and user-friendly. The double-betting feature in both games also enables players to place two bets simultaneously, ensuring the potential for bigger winnings.

Statistics and Game History

In both games, players have access to valuable statistics and game history. This feature allows them to review past outcomes and make informed decisions for their upcoming bets.

Aviatrix vs Aviator

Now, let’s delve into the distinct features that set Aviatrix and Aviator apart in the competitive landscape of crash games.

Customize Your Plane in Aviatrix

Aviatrix takes personalization to a new level by allowing players to customize their planes. It enables players to add a name for the aircraft and choose different colours for the plane. In contrast, Aviator cannot name or change the plane colour.

Gaming Mode

Aviatrix has a notable feature – the lite mode, which caters to players who prefer a more straightforward and streamlined gaming experience. On the other hand, the Aviator game does not offer a lite mode, sticking to a more traditional gaming approach.

Explosive Endings in Aviatrix

Aviatrix adds an extra layer of excitement with its game ending – the plane crashes, and players must cash out winnings before that happens. On the other hand, the plane disappears from the screen in the Aviator game.

Aviator or Aviatrix – Which Crash Game To Choose?

Now equipped to understand the similarities and differences, the pivotal question arises: which game is the best?

Choosing Aviator

If you prefer a straightforward gaming experience without the added thrills, Aviator might be your choice. Its simplicity, absence of customization, and smooth gameplay ensure you can focus only on the thrill of betting.

Opting for Aviatrix

Aviatrix is the game to explore if you are interested in personalization and desire a visually exciting gaming experience. Its lite mode caters to beginners, and the ability to customize your plane adds a unique and engaging touch to your gaming experience.

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