Casino affiliate program

The casino affiliates program is an excellent and profitable opportunity for traffic monetization. Thanks to a wide target audience, almost any type of traffic brings profit: advertising on social networks, entertaining videos on YouTube, thematic sites and much more.

Users who have traffic but don’t know how to properly monetize it should consider participating in the casino affiliate program. To confirm the profitability and versatility of this activity, it can be noted that almost every major blogger cooperates with the casino.

There are two options for traffic monetization: through CPA networks (aggregators where hundreds of offers from different advertisers are collected) and directly from the casino. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to make a choice based on the personal preferences of the user. Let’s consider these methods in more detail.

Work through gambling CPA networks


  • Wide range of offers. Users can take advantage of hundreds of different offers in their personal account. This will eliminate the need to register in many different affiliate programs and communicate with new managers.
  • Personnel manager. This is especially important for beginner players. A qualified and experienced manager will help you find a way out of any disputable situation. This is especially significant if there are disputes with advertisers due to poor traffic quality.
  • Basic stable conditions. When buying traffic, it is significant to observe the frequency of payments and deposit rates. This directly affects the turnover of traffic. Loyal conditions will be presented for beginners in such a program.


  • For the performance of its work, the affiliate network will charge its commission from the partner’s earnings. Considering this aspect, cooperation with advertisers directly will be more beneficial for experienced partners.

CPA is a payment for an action, in particular, for replenishing the first deposit. For example, the user you referred made his first deposit. In this case, the affiliate network will pay you a conditional $50 for this. But, all further replenishment of the account of this user will no longer be paid to you. The main advantage of this gambling model is the possibility of a quick turnover of funds.

Advertisers have to take a risk, because they pay you an amount that is likely to exceed the size of the first deposit of the referred user. So to work with CPA, you need to evaluate traffic and constantly comply with KPI.

Work with the casino affiliate program directly


  • Individual working conditions, which are based on the personal preferences of the partner. You can directly discuss the nuances of working with advertisers. In the presence of high-quality traffic, the advertiser is guaranteed to provide you with the maximum bid. This cannot be guaranteed by the CPA network. But in order to dictate your terms regarding the frequency of payments, rates or hold, you need to have good volumes and quality of leads.
  • Guaranteed payouts. Affiliate programs have been operating in the gambling market for more than 10 years. Therefore, the chance that such programs will be closed and payments will not close is minimal. But CPA networks cannot guarantee such reliability.
  • For users who work on RevShare and receive payments for each player for years, it is better to give preference to a direct advertiser.
  • Technical and customer support service. Each partner will be assigned his personal experienced and qualified manager, who will help to understand all the subtleties and nuances of the work. It will provide statistics on promo materials, landing pages or analyze the activity of your players.


For novice users with purchased traffic and a small turnover, it is better to give preference to the CPA network, because with its help it will be easier to gain experience and gain basic skills.

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