The Best Way to Create Airbnb Host Reviews

Let’s face it, with the thousands of things vacation rental owners have to worry about daily, Airbnb host ratings are not a top concern. Though it may seem little, taking the effort to write host evaluations may have unintended consequences for your vacation rental company.

Once you’ve established a routine for producing host evaluations, it’ll become second nature to include them in the operation of your vacation rental. This is particularly true if you use an excellent all-inclusive vacation rental management software such as Lodgable.

Airbnb Review by a Host versus. Airbnb Review by a Guest

As with a double-edged blade, Airbnb has a two-way review system via which visitors may rate hosts and their homes. In exchange, hosts may rate their visitors.

Airbnb hosts and guests have 14 days after each stay to provide reviews. These reviews remain hidden until both hosts and guests submit them. Airbnb will post both parties’ reviews on the guest’s profile, the host’s profile, and the host’s listing.

Benefits of Airbnb Host Reviews That Are Not Often Mentioned

While submitting a review after each guest’s stay is not required, including it into your vacation rental’s management routine is a smart practice that may provide your listings a competitive advantage.

Several advantages of submitting frequent host evaluations include the following:

1. Increases visitor engagement on Airbnb

Adding Airbnb reviews to your listing is another method to engage with it and attract tourists to your home. Airbnb presents these chances for your benefit, and partaking is an excellent way to enhance your property.

Guests who have stayed at your Airbnb will be overjoyed to read positive reviews about their experience, and this impression may persist long enough for them to return to your house in the future.

2. Benefits the Airbnb algorithm by allowing listings to be ranked higher.

Any increase in involvement with your listing through options such as reviews is seen favorably by the Airbnb algorithm.

This benefits hosts since it increases the likelihood that Airbnb will rank such listings higher, increasing the number of reservations you may get. Additionally, it will assist you in achieving Superhost rank.

3. Assists the hosting community in avoiding troublesome visitors

Leaving candid feedback about Airbnb guests contributes to the community’s support of other owners.

Because all reviews are public, neighboring hosts may see if a visitor has accumulated a large number of bad ratings and may decide not to accept their reservation.

This is especially beneficial for hosts who want to prevent unpleasant visitors who have a history of causing property damage, violating home regulations, or throwing parties.

Similarly, you will benefit from the comments provided by other hosts when determining whether or not to accept a guest’s reservation.

4. Guests are more inclined to repay the favor by leaving a review.

The more reviews you give your visitors, the more likely they will follow suit – which benefits your listing. Positive Airbnb guest reviews are a critical influence on reservations. As a result, the more listings you have, the better.

How Does the Airbnb Review Process Work?

Both hosts and guests may provide comments using Airbnb’s two-way review system. Additionally, both host and guest evaluations are made public at the same time.

Additionally, reviews cannot be altered once they are published. This means that Airbnb hosts and guests may be completely candid without fear of the other person changing their rating in response to yours. Both parties, however, have the option of responding to a review.

How to Write an Airbnb Review?

Creating a review is a straightforward and clear process that allows you to provide as long a review as you choose.

1. Submit a star rating

Rate your visitors on a scale of 1 to 5 stars for the following:

  • Cleanliness – how clean and neat your home was when they departed.
  • Communication – how well did they convey the pertinent facts to you?
  • Adherence to home rules — how effectively they adhered to the house rules you established.

2. Write a review

The written area is where you may write a review for each visitor and express your viewpoint in more detail. This section will be made public, so it should be well-written and entertaining. Additionally, it is a good idea to indicate if you would refer visitors to a fellow host to reassure them before taking a booking.

3. Optionally include a personalized remark.

This is confidential feedback that is sent directly to your visitors. It will not be made public in any way. You may use this section to express your gratitude to your visitors for choosing to stay at your Airbnb or to provide constructive comments.

4. Complete the section ‘Would you host the visitor again?’

This is a straightforward yes/no answer summarising your evaluation. This part is not published anywhere and is not accessible to visitors.

To see previous reviews you’ve written or received on Airbnb, click the Reviews option. Additionally, you’ll be able to access any private comments left for you by visitors.

How to Write an Outstanding Airbnb Host Review [5 Critical Rules to Follow]

There are several strategies for creating an excellent review regarding your visitors. Finally, they all boil down to the following five rules:

1. Be precise

A broad review in scope and lacking in specifics comes off as impersonal. This may have the opposite impact on what a review intends to accomplish.

It may convey that you are unconcerned about the review or the visitor, so squandering a chance to compliment and engage your guests.

Not only is highlighting key aspects of a visitor important to you, but it is also good for people who read it.

2. Be considerate

Occasionally, you may find yourself in a scenario where the review you write about a visitor contains unpleasant information. This is the point at which you must find a balance between candor and seeming ungrateful or mean.

Select your words carefully to ensure that you are being candid while also showing respect for the person you are writing about. Bear in mind that the evaluation will be public and accessible to anybody. As so, it reflects poorly on you as a host.

3. Highlight the benefits

Wherever feasible, draw greater attention and excitement to the visitors’ excellent characteristics. Individuals are naturally receptive to words of praise. Recognize the great qualities you saw in your visitors. This goes a long way toward creating a lasting impression.

If they were kind to your neighbors, left the area immaculately clean and neat, or were just a joy to entertain, mentioning these qualities can help boost your rating.

Make a point of mentioning which visitors came highly recommended by other hosts and are also welcome to return to your Airbnb in the future.

4. Keep things succinct and straightforward

There is no need to write lengthy articles on each visit unless you have a lot to say or a very interesting tale to share. Those who read your evaluations will appreciate your ability to be succinct while yet conveying your message.

5. Incorporate a personal touch

Ensure that each review includes the accurate spelling of the guest’s name. Additionally, share anything about the visitor that struck you.

Noticing and emphasizing the unique characteristics of each visitor can help them feel special and valued.

How to Handle a Negative Review

When writing unfavorable reviews, striking a balance between candor and coming out as unpleasant or ungracious is not always simple. However, since the review also impacts your listing, it is critical to strike this balance.

When writing a bad review, make every effort to be objective. Consider your guest’s perspective as well while expressing your own.

Avoid speaking out of anger or irritation since this is often when we write something we later regret. If you feel your emotions are running high, it is best to take a break from the review and return to it later.

Bear in mind that the review is public, which means that other guests and hosts will be able to see what you say as well.

Templates for Airbnb Host Reviews

Here are a few sample reviews that you may use to offer feedback to your visitors while also saving time. You are welcome to alter any review template to meet your specific requirements.

Exemplary positive reviews include the following:

Using a vacation rental software like Lodgable enables you to:

  • Manage multiple accounts and listings across the leading vacation rental platforms from a single interface
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