Custom Portrait Drawings As A Timeless Gift for Your and Your Spouse

Portrait painting was the hallmark of panache and affluence from the 15th century to the early 19th century. It was a way of capturing and memorializing the rich and powerful in their splendor. However, from the mid-19th century, portraiture became more popular among the common folk.

Custom portraits are an exquisite way of having your image depicted. Think of them as classy photographs with an air of elegance about them. After all, you’re the muse of another’s creativity. Additionally, they serve as beautiful gifts for people who enjoy art; like having a song written for you in your favorite genre, it’s a compliment. For variety lovers, you can also diversify your portraits by incorporating unique styles based on your preferences.

Consider a custom portrait if you’re thinking of getting your spouse a truly remarkable gift, perhaps for an anniversary or occasion. For art-loving couples who want to say “I love you” with art, here are some fantastic custom portrait ideas to give to your significant other.

Professionally Painted Portrait

If your spouse enjoys taking photographs of themself, then chances are they will love a custom portrait of themself too. This is a safe option if you’re unsure how to proceed with a custom portrait gift. It is simply a close-up painting of your spouse, highlighting their outstanding features.

You can choose a traditional approach where they are seated and composed in the image or a more contemporary approach where the subject is allowed to be more expressive. Portraiture can also be merged with other contextual elements that create a fuller image. This includes adding pets and hobbies to the image or transforming photos from your family album into magnificent works of art.

Additionally, fantastic custom portraits painted from photos provide all the secrecy you need to execute the idea. You would need a few good pictures that depict your house from various angles and the features you want to be illustrated in the portrait. Because painting allows room for creativity, you can also include certain sentimental elements that are not in the picture, like a different setting, outfit, or hairdo.

Hand-painted Portrait

Like choosing a home-cooked meal over fast food, your spouse will appreciate a portrait painted by you over an artist they don’t even know. Because you probably know your spouse better than anyone else, you may illustrate them better than any artist. Save for the expertise of a skilled hand, and you know where all their peculiarities are, the beauty spots, lines, and even the insecurities they love to hide.

In this case, the value of the portrait isn’t just the painting itself, and it’s more about the person from whom it came. It’s like a 2-in-1 gift where your spouse gets to keep the painting and cherish the fact that you painted it. You could also include yourself or other essential elements in the artwork for an extra layer of sentiments.

If you’re worried about creating a flawed image, consider parents and how they cherish their children’s drawings with all their imperfections. Your spouse will appreciate the effort and how you have illustrated them with your hands. It has a touch of personalization that trumps an artist’s creation, and what’s more? Your not-so-skillful painting is sure to become a conversation starter.

Wedding – Family Portraits

Portraits like these are perfect for anniversaries. They celebrate your union and the life you’re both buildings together. They include wedding portraits focusing on you two and family portraits highlighting the family as a whole.

A wedding portrait could be your first gift to your new house if you two are planning to tie the knot soon, or perhaps you recently just did. Weddings are typically very special to couples because it signifies the beginning of your future together. The ceremony itself is a beautiful way of commemorating your love with all your favorite people. In addition to your wedding photographs, a beautiful rendition of the tradition in portraiture will be a magical way of immortalizing the day.

Family portraits reflect the uniqueness of each family member and the nuances that make each household unique. They aim to capture each family member, and although it can be just you and your spouse if you have a small family, it’s always best with kids and maybe pets too if you have any. Nonetheless, they are a great way of capturing the essence of love and unity in your household.

You can either paint a particular memory like your wedding, a memorial picture of their loved ones, birthdays  or make a collage of several memories. They could be milestones in your relationship from your first date till now, telling your love story in wonderfully illustrated images. Heartfelt gifts like this will help your spouse relive some of their favorite memories and also encourage the creation of many more.

Portraits of Your Best Memories

This is perhaps the most sentimental gift idea on the list. No doubt you and your spouse have made some great memories over time. But, instead of keeping them locked in your minds, why not capture them in art? All you need do is provide your painter with all the details needed to flesh out the image and watch some of your most priceless memories of/with your spouse come to life.

You can either paint a particular memory or make a collage of several memories. They could be milestones in your relationship from your first date till now, telling your love story in wonderfully illustrated images. Heartfelt gifts like this will help your spouse relive some of their favorite memories and also encourage the creation of many more.

It is important to get every minute detail right for this kind of gift. Cautiously confirm facts from your spouse if you have to but remember not to raise suspicions, or you might ruin the surprise.


Beyond what you say, your actions give credence to your intentions. Giving your beloved a memorable gift is a very effective way of showing you love them, mainly if it’s their love language. If your partner is an art enthusiast who loves receiving gifts, a custom portrait of them is undoubtedly a brilliant idea.

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