How to get a super bonus from a casino in India

The prize system of Indian online casinos is divided into three blocks. Gifts are offered for beginners, regular customers and are issued for members of the VIP club. Players with a premium account can get the maximum handicap through super bonuses.

Types of Exclusive Bonuses at Online Casinos in India

Online casinos in India differ from gambling clubs in other countries with a generous prize system. Active players can count on the following offers:

  • Regular bonuses without deposit. Some promotions do not require cash deposits. In addition, the user does not even need to perform any tasks. In the personal account in the tab with bonuses, the player will find a no-deposit for several hundred Indian rupees.
  • Dynamic cashback system. The basic cashback for beginners is no more than 5% per week. After a couple of three months of active play, the gambler will be able to increase the return to 30-40%. Moreover, in some casinos, this bonus does not even need to be wagered.
  • Permanent win-win lottery. You can get access to this event only for activity. Tickets are sent via internal mail. The player is entitled to one spin in the wheel of fortune. The draw results in free spins, new deposit bonuses, real money, as well as material gifts in the form of smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Passes to closed tournaments. Competitions are an integral part of any casino in India. Users are not so interested in spinning the reels in the base game mode. The operator offers to take part in tournaments, where in 3-4 days you can become the owner of a jackpot of more than 1,000,000 rupees.

The set of bonuses in each casino is individual. Operators are trying to introduce new promotions. Often, the same promotional codes with free spins are launched in conjunction with slot machine providers.

How to become a VIP player in a short time

All elements of the bonus system are open only for customers with an account marked VIP. This means that the player needs to go through the entire loyalty program. There can be up to 9 levels in the status system.

To move to new levels, you need to earn a rating. The number of points is displayed in your account. Here you can see the current status of the account. Upon registration, players begin with the title of “rookie”.

The number of points credited to an account depends on the size of the deposits. It is clear that if the user will deposit only 100 INR, then the path to the VIP profile will be a long one. The best solution is to deposit deposits from 10,000 to 100,000 Indian rupees.

The initial costs pay off not only with bonuses. When there is a large amount of money on the account balance, the user can easily participate in the fight for a large jackpot. For example, it is with such amounts that professional gamblers recommend starting to play in progressive slots. Here the total winnings can exceed 1,000,000 INR.

Additional privileges from online casinos

Cashier conditions and bonus wagering rules for VIP players are also changing. Now the player does not need to spend a lot of time and his own money to win back the received prize. Wagers are reduced by 2 times, and for some promotions they are completely removed.

There are also changes in the casino cashier:

  • Firstly, a regular client will be able to withdraw more per day than a beginner. The base limit of 100,000 Indian rupees is increased to one million.
  • Secondly, jackpots are paid out immediately. Even if the gambler managed to get a couple of million INR, the representatives of the gambling club will pay out this money in a matter of days.
  • Thirdly, the player has a curator. This is a personal manager who independently informs the client about new promotions and currently supported payment systems.

The VIP player always gets priority in disputes. If the gambler didn’t like something, it is highly likely that the casino administration will meet halfway and accept the user’s conditions.

What does subscribing to Telegram channels give?

It is clear that it will take time to get a VIP status in an online casino in India. This doesn’t mean new customers can’t enjoy super great promotions. To find them, you need to subscribe to the official Telegram channel of the gambling club.

For casinos in India, Telegram is the only place where you can get promoted, find new customers and motivate already registered players. For this, different types of promotions are launched:

  • One day jackpot tournaments. Within two hours, the participants of the competition can share the jackpot of more than 100,000 INR among themselves.
  • Free promotions with free spins. To participate in this giveaway, you need to leave your account ID under a special post. The number of prizes will be announced the next morning.
  • Promo codes for no deposit bonuses. Some types of coupons with free spins are active only for 2-3 hours. If you subscribe to Telegram, you need to react in time and receive a gift from the operator of the gambling establishment.

Telegram also publishes information about new slot machines. As a rule, game showcase updates are always accompanied by unique promotions.

Exclusive slot machines with the function bonus by.

When an online casino develops its own loyalty program, this confirms the seriousness of the project. Fraudulent clubs or sites with low budgets are either not interested in this, or simply cannot afford to spend a lot of money on giving out bonuses. Representatives of large gambling establishments in India understand that the loyalty system is one of the most effective ways to retain players.

In reputable casinos in India, the showcase of slot machines also deserves attention. Some tournaments are arranged on the basis of new slots. The latest generation of games implements many unusual features. One of them is the possibility of buying free spins.

A gambler can buy an unlimited number of free spins with his own money even before the start of the gaming session. This does not affect the frequency of winning combinations. However, professionals know that winnings that appear during bonus spins are paid with additional multipliers.

The cost of free spins in all machines is different. The user will be able to see the price in advance. An unlimited demo version of any slot is available to the client of the online club. The paytable in many online casinos is also translated into Indian. Therefore, with training and studying the mechanics of the slot, the gambler will not have any difficulties.

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