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Desert Safari Dubai | Top Best Desert Safaris in Dubai

Top Dubai Desert Safaris

There is something for everyone’s budget on a desert safari in Dubai. The price is entirely up to you and the activities you choose to do. A day trip to the desert could cost as little as 80 AED, including driving through the sand dunes, riding camels, and eating delicious food cooked over open fires. A private desert safari costs 800+ AED, a luxury adventure costs 1000+ AED, and a safari in a hot air balloon also costs 1000+ AED.

Desert Safaris Are A Popular Thing To Do In Dubai, And The Following Are The Best Ones.

Cheapest Desert Safari In Dubai

Even though Dubai is home to expensive parties and wealthy people, you can still have a memorable desert trip there on a budget. On this cheap desert safari, you can go dune-bashing in the Red Dunes of Al Hibab Desert and then relax in a desert camp with a meal, a camel ride, and some cultural entertainment (such as belly dancing and traditional songs).

The Best Tour Of The Dubai Desert That Spends The Night In The Sand Dunes

Spending the night in the desert under the stars is the best way to see this area’s starkly beautiful. You could spend the day dune bashing and sandboarding, and then in the evening, you could relax with a meal, some shisha, and cultural activities like dance and henna. On a typical camel caravan ride, seeing the sunrise is a great way to start the day the next day.

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Dubai’s Desert Tours Are The Best In The World.

You can’t go wrong with this 5-star desert safari in Dubai if money is no object. Spend the day driving through the dunes in a luxury Range Rover, the car of choice for the royal family of Dubai. You’ll go to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to see some native animals, watch a falconry show as the sun goes down, ride a camel to dinner, and then eat a three-course meal in a private cabana luxurious royal hideaway.

Dubai Desert Tour Is A Private One (Night)

The best-rated Dubai desert tour at night is also our favourite kind of private safari. When going on a desert safari in a Land Rover from the 1950s with night-vision binoculars, it’s best to wait until nightfall, so you have a better chance of seeing any animals that come out at night. After a lovely night of walking through the desert in the dark, you might enjoy a three-course meal, shisha, and Arabic coffee in an open-air tent while you watch the stars (belonging to a local royal family, no less).

The Perfect Safari In Dubai In The Morning

You will start your journey at the crack of dawn so you can see the sunrise over the sand dunes. Walk around the Al Qudra Lakes and watch for animals before sitting for a traditional Arabic picnic breakfast.

The Best Balloon Ride

Seeing the desert from above is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can’t get any other way. Your hot air balloon will be waiting for you in the Margham Desert, so you will leave while it’s still dark and get there early in the morning. Enjoy a delicious breakfast before heading out on quad bikes and camels to watch the sun rise over the beautiful desert landscape.

The Best Place To Ride A Dune Buggy In The Desert

As you go up and down a sand dune, you’ll feel like Lawrence of Arabia in the 21st century. You have one hour to get your thrills while driving a car, quad bike, or buggy through the desert. Those who want to make their trip even more exciting can go sandboarding.

The Most Genuine Dubai Desert Tour

This desert adventure is perfect for people who miss past magic. When you drive around the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in a Land Rover from the 1950s, you’ll feel like you’ve returned in time.

Recommended Dubai camel safari.

When you hear the words “desert safari,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is riding a camel over the sand dunes, and this is the best camel desert safari in Dubai. When you get on your horse and cross the desert at dawn, you’ll follow in the steps of travellers who have done the same thing for thousands of years. After the ride, you’ll have a quick breakfast and try some Arabic coffee.

The best desert ride in Dubai is on horseback.

Desert safaris are fun for people who like to ride horses. The most common ways to get around here are 4x4s and buggies, but nothing beats riding through the beautiful desert landscape with the wind in your hair.


How To Have A Good Time In The Desert In Dubai

What To Bring On A Trip To The Desert In Dubai

The desert is warm but can get very cold at night. For your Dubai desert safari, bring layers of comfortable, breathable clothing that you can add or take off as needed. Women should wear “modest clothes, “meaning that their knees and shoulders wrap with clothes. The perfect outfit would be pants made of a material that lets air in, a t-shirt, and a light shirt or jacket. If you need more warmth, you could add a scarf.

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Trip To The Dubai Desert

From downtown Dubai to the desert, which is 55 kilometres away, it takes about 35 minutes to drive.

When In Dubai Should Someone Go On A Desert Safari?

Can a desert safari happen in the summer? Most of them do, but they plan to run late afternoon or evening to avoid the hot sun.

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