Top 5 Things to Do in Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities and a great tourist attraction in the UAE. The city is famous for its grandeur and adventurous activities. Most of the visitors reach the city through Dubai International Airport.

Besides incredible architectural buildings and the city’s magnificence, Dubai is an attraction for desert and adventure lovers. Here one can enjoy the vast vista of sun-blazed sand in the morning and the cool and enchanting ambiance in the evening. However, both morning and evening desert safari Dubai are getting popular nowadays for theiramazing appeal. Keep scrolling to know more.

What is Morning Safari in Dubai?

Morning safari in Dubai desert includes visiting morning desert under soft sun blaze. This will consist of wildlife, the daily life of the desert, adventure sports, and so on. The morning desert safari is an outstanding experience while a day is just about to start.

What is Evening Safari in Dubai?

Evening safari in Dubai generally includes watching local programs, belly dancing, dune-bashing, BBQ dinner, etc. Mainly evening safaris are about enjoying the royal elegance and grandeur of Dubai life.

What are the Top Things to Do in Desert Safari?

While looking for some places to do the desert safari, you will be able to experience different things in different places and times. Not only that, but you will also be able to perform some activities over there as well. Any of these safaris will have a perfect grip on the time and will make you feel so alive.

  1. Red Dunes Quad Bike, Sandsurf, Camels & BBQ

A lot of things together, and if this is what you are exactly looking for then you need to try this one for sure. Get a compacted safari with a quad bike ride at the red dunes. Also, do sand surfing, ride on a camel, and enjoy some bar-be-que on this safari.

Best Time To visit: This is a complete 6 hours safari, so, you will have to go ahead and start this in the morning itself, and then you will be able to complete it.

Top Activities to Do: You will be able to ride a quad bike at the red dunes. Along with that, you will also be able to do sand surfing, ride a camel, and get a perfect BBQ dinner as well.

Expenses: This complete safari will cost you around INR. 7000.

  1. Premium Red Dunes, Camel Safari, And BBQ

This is a car-based safari, where you will be able to get one of the most exciting camel safaris at Al Khayma camp. You will also be able to do sand surfing at the red dunes. Along with these Falconries and Lavish BBQ buffet will be another attraction for you.

Best Time To visit: This is a 7 hours safari, so, you need to start it sometime around the afternoon itself.

Top Activities To Do: You must try sand surfing at red dunes, followed by the camel safari, falconries, and the BBQ buffet.

Expenses: This will cost you around INR 6000.

  1. Heritage Land Rover Desert Safari with Traditional Dinner & Entertainment

Get yourself on a safari in the land of Bedouin with a heritage land rover. Experience a wildlife expedition, bread and coffee making, falconries, along with a perfect desert camp dinner at some royal places themselves.

Best Time To Visit: You will need to start this safari in the afternoon at 2:30, and this will run for 7 hours long.

Top Activities to Do: This safari will include a vintage land rover wildlife safari with a perfect demo for bread and coffee making. This one will end with a multi-course dinner.

Expenses: The total expanse for this one will be around INR 14,000

  1. Dubai Marina Yacht Tour With

Experience the skyscrapers of Dubai from a yacht. Experience yacht dinner in Dubai with a perfect relaxation time. Also, enjoy the perfect BBQ menu at that lavish Yacht while having a great time.

Best Time To Visit: This will not be for a long time, and you can visit at 8 pm as well.

Top Activities To Do: Mesmerize yourself with the skyline and the waterbodies together while having a perfect relaxation.

Expenses: This will cost you around INR 5000.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride, Vintage Land Rover Ride & Breakfast

If you are looking for a perfect morning safari, then this is the one. Start your day with a perfect hot air balloon and start experiencing the wildlife with the sunrise. Get around in a vintage land rover, and finish it up with a gourmet breakfast at some desert camp itself.

Best Time To Visit: You need to start this at 4:30 am, and will last for 5 hours.

Top Activities to Do: Fly in a hot air balloon while watching the wildlife and falcons. Experience a gourmet breakfast at a desert camp.

Expenses: To experience this one, you need to pay around 31000 INR.


You have got to know about different and some of the most famous desert safaris in Dubai. Also, you have got to know some details about those like the perfect time to visit, the main attractions, and prices too. So, you will now be able to go ahead and choose any or some of those from the list. Once you will be able to choose the safari, you will be able to enjoy the desert with a style.

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