Discover How to Recover Lost Data from your Computer Using a Powerful Tool [A Complete Guide]

Our computers are filled with saved files, videos, photos, and other types of data. However, we may face a vulnerable situation like a sudden power failure or virus attack where you would lose all of your important data related to your office work. To guide you about such situations, this article will introduce an all-rounder tool through which you can ensure a safe data recovery process. Using our recommended photo recovery app, you can retrieve your lost data in its original format.

Part 1: Common Reasons for Data Loss

Data loss can occur on any system due to a number of reasons. To make you understand better the occurrence of data loss, this section has listed some of its main reasons:

  • Hardware Issue: A hardware failure in a computer system is inevitable. If the RAM, motherboard, or hard disk gets damaged, it can harm the saved data on your system.
  • Malware Attack: A malware attack is a common phenomenon that can erase all the existing data from your computer. It can also harm your system’s overall performance.
  • Human Error: In some cases, human error can be the reason for accidental data loss. If there are multiple users of your computer, accidental deletion of files can occur.
  • Sudden Power Failure: Sudden power failures of your PC can also erase all the existing data. Or, if you haven’t shut down the system properly, it can result in data loss.

Part 2: Overview of a Powerful and Easy-to-Use Data Recovery Tool

is a famous data recovery software that shows compatibility with more than 1000 file formats. It supports more than 2000 storage devices such as Windows, Mac, USB, HDD, SSD, SD memory card, etc. This data recovery tool has a 95% success recovery rate as it can recover lost data from more than 500 different scenarios. If you have formatted your storage devices, Recoverit can find the lost from them in a well-protected environment.

Wondershare Recoverit uses 66% lower memory consumption that can provide you with the optimized performance of your system. Using this powerful software, you can recover up to 100MB of data free of cost. It provides an option called Filter through which you can search a specific file instantly and easily. You can also preview the generated results before recovering them on your computer. Thus, it’s a complete data recovery tool that can retrieve your lost data in its original format.

Part 3: Learn How to Recover Your Lost Data Through this Guide

Are you ready to recover deleted photos, videos, or files on your computer? In this section, we will offer a complete guide to using a data recovery tool to retrieve lost data securely.

Step 1: Choose your Location

After initiating Recoverit on your PC, select “Hard Drives and Locations” from the left section. Once done, choose your preferred hard disk under the section “Hard Disk Drives.” Once you have selected the location, hit the “Start” button.

Step 2: Scanning the Selected Location

Now the scanning process will begin to find your lost data. During this process, you can check the ongoing process on your screen easily. You can also pause the process anytime on this tool.

Step 3: Recover the Lost Data

Once the process concludes, you can preview the results by hitting the “Preview” button. If you find the generated results satisfactory, you can click on the “Recover” button to get your lost data files back.

Part 4: Some Helpful Tips to Prevent Data Loss

To prevent data loss, you have to take some precautionary measures. For your convenience, you can check the following tips:

  • You should install a reliable anti-virus program on your system to prevent malware attacks. By doing so, you can protect your data in any vulnerable situation.
  • Make sure to connect your system with UPS to avoid sudden power failure. This will help you continue your workflow and prevent data loss during a power outage.
  • Creating a cloud backup of your data can help you to access your files from different devices. So, even if you have lost data on your computer, you can still access the data files from your cloud storage platforms.
  • If multiple users are using your system, make separate accounts for each user. It will keep your data safe, and no one will be able to delete your data files accidentally.


Data loss can happen in your system due to various reasons. This article has listed the common reasons for data loss that can originate on your computer anytime. To recover lost data safely, the most suitable tool is Wondershare Recoverit. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and functions on them with fast processing speed. To recover your lost or deleted data in a secure way, try Wondershare Recoverit for free.

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