Essential Equipment: The Desiccant Inserter

Desiccant inserter is a necessary but tedious process that may seem like one more step to take to your product’s perfect packaging. However, using a desiccant inserter allows you to save time and reduce waste during the process by reducing the number of steps needed. This article will talk about the desiccant inserter you should learn about.

What is a desiccant inserter?

A desiccant inserter is a machine applied to pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules, etc. It aims to detect broken pouches through the clear glass on the discharge nozzle. If no broken desiccant sachets are found, the small gate will open, and the desiccant sachets will automatically fall into the bottle to complete the feeding operation.

How does it work?

According to the size of the desiccant, the corresponding parameters are set on the touch screen to control the clamping feeding device. When clamping the feeding belt drives the sachets to feed, the uncoiling device uncoils the desiccant roll for feeding. The fixed length conveying part sends the desiccant to the I- mark detection station, where the I-mark sensor detects the sachet and sends the signal to PLC. During this process, if the U-shape switch does not detect and find it as an empty sachet, the sachet is just right there at the preset cutting station, and the cutting knife acts to cut off the sachet desiccant, which falls into the outfeed nozzle( the small gate is in a closed state now). The camera detection system works to detect whether there is a broken sachet or not through the transparent glass on the outfeed nozzle. If no broken sachet desiccant is found, the small gate will be open, and the sachet desiccant will automatically fall into a bottle to complete the feeding operation.


If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry’s business, you need to use a desiccant inserter. This machine is designed to evenly distribute desiccant throughout your capsules or tablets, ensuring that it’s properly dried and ready for storage or transport. To be confident in the safety of your products, you need a desiccant inserter from Pharmapack!

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