FB88 Review

FB88 Review

What is FB88? Overview of the FB88 bookie

FB88 is the leading online casino and sportsbook in Asia and Vietnam. This booker is licensed and managed by the PAGCOR group of the Philippine government with its headquarters located in Manila. Many professional bettors have referred to FB88.com website as a reputable bookmaker that any player who wants to choose for himself a safe and transparent online casino cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, FB88 is also known for a variety of attractive services such as sports and football betting with massive tournaments that are updated regularly. Besides, FB88 is known as the leading bookmaker in the major of providing players with safe online betting systems and lotteries such as Keno, Lotto among other big virtual entertainment companies. This is the reason why this bookie keeps increasing in the fierce environment of the online betting game market today.

Last but not least, FB88 is also highly appreciated for its customer support system as well as the ability to quickly deposit and withdraw money. With the prestige and quality that has been confirmed by many players, the FB88 house is always rated as one of the top online bookmakers with a huge number of players in Vietnam.

Why choose FB88?

Currently, FB88 is chosen by many players to enjoy the online betting experience. The reason is that this is the world’s leading online gambling playground. In addition, the booker also owns many outstanding advantages such as:

– When registerring for a new account, players will immediately receive a lot of preferential promotions.

– FB88 provides all kind of betting odds for all kinds of football matches for you to choose and players can easily make profit from here.

– FB88 always ensures to keep all players’ information and data secured.

– Attentive customer service staff.

– FB88 also offers many attractive entertainment products such as casino, lottery, slot machine and so on.

– Withdraw money quickly and easily in a few seconds.

The review of FB88 bookie

FB88 is considered as the most prestigious bookie with a variety of hottest betting games. Players can participate in any games they like. Along with that are the advantages in the aspects of customer care service, security service and so on.


The FB88 website interface is created with prominent blue and yellow colors that can be easily alternated. The tab “Items”, “Account Management” are arranged neatly and scientifically, creating favorable conditions for players to use. Especially, new members joining the house can easily see and understand all functions on the interface.

In particular, to meet the needs of members to play anytime, anywhere, the house’s interface is suitable for both smartphones and computers. It contains easy-to-see interface and a fast loading speed with no lag that gives players a perfect and wonderful experience.

Customer care

The bookie’s customer care department is open 24 hours a day. Players can place their requests and questions with customer service staff at any time when they have problems.

Moreover, our customer service staff are all professionally selected and trained by the bookie. They always try their best to ensure that our customers can get the best advice and service experience.

Security Service

The security service of the FB88 bookie is highly appreciated by its own users. All customer information will be completely confidential. In detail, right from the step of registering an account, the bookie only makes a few requests for personal information. This has shown that the booker care and attend to players’ rights and benefits. In fact, when registering with FB88, players will not feel like they are being exploited for information like some other bookies.

On the other hand, the bookie has used modern encryption technology to keep customer information absolutely secure. Players can completely be assured of their information, avoiding the chance of being “touched” by the third party. This is because of player’s personal information will be stored by the booker and will be kept as the basis for the bookie to find your account again when there is a problem. At the same time, this information is also the basis for the house to award prizes or pay the money you won before.


To contact the operator, players can click on the “Message” icon at the bottom of the website section. After that, you will be taken to the chat frame interface with a professional staff. Here, players can browse all information related to the game and the house’s services, …. In addition, they can also contact the house through these number and email:

Hotline (+63) 9291799188

Skype: [email protected]


Thus, the above is an overview of the FB88 house. When joining with us, you will have the opportunity to experience a series of exciting and interesting games as well as making a lot of money. We hope that through this article, you will have a better understanding about one of the most popular bookies in the market. So what are you waiting for? Let’s join now to play your games and reap the results when betting at 88bet1.com.

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