How many days have you not returned? How to Identify the Signs?

The problem has not returned for many days This is a question that many of you are wondering when you are learning about and accessing lotteries. The article below from bookmaker New88 will help everyone answer this question quickly. At the same time, it provides you with the most effective experience in raising lottery numbers.

What is a short circuit?

Short numbers are simply understood as numbers that do not appear on lottery results for a very long time. However, for professional players, the synchronization test is also used to answer questions such as how many days has it been since the first touch appeared, or how long has it been since the last touch appeared.

That’s why finding the number of days that the short circuit has not returned is quite simple. You just need to search for a statistical table that suits your current needs, and from that table you will quickly get an accurate number.

How many days has the problem not returned?

How many days has the problem not returned? According to northern lottery statistics, the double digits 22, 33, 66 have not returned for more than 200 days. In addition, according to experienced players, the lottery number has not returned for 9 consecutive lottery periods. Therefore, to determine how many days the lottery number has not returned, you can check the statistics of those 9 lottery periods.

Signs of a short circuit

Besides the question of how many days the lottery numbers haven’t come back, perhaps many of you also want to know when these lottery numbers will come back and what the signs are. Understanding the problem, the New91 homepage has mentioned some simple identification signs below:

Based on special prize

The special prize is a series of numbers that players use a lot to find the numbers that should be played in each period. Even if you don’t know how many days the lottery has not returned, you can still rely on the special prize to choose a good number.

Once you understand the signs, no matter how many or double bets you bet on, you should keep playing for a while because the winning rate is quite good.

Based on the dumb start and dumb end of the previous result

If today you want to use double lottery numbers to place bets, you should find out about the results of the previous period, whether there are dumb lotteries or not. Next, you need to look at the results table of the previous 2 betting periods. In case you see that the double number has not returned, then choose the double bet today.

This is a way to play that even if you don’t know clearly how many days the lottery has not returned, you still have a very high chance of winning. Furthermore, if you try to persevere in raising the frame for 3-4 days, the big prize will definitely be yours.

Choose the double question of the 2nd day’s results – special prize

This sign is relatively simple to perform, you just need to take the special prize of the results on every Monday as a double bet to play during the week. After that, follow the statistics table to know how many days the maximum liver double appears and predict whether this number will return immediately or have to wait a while longer.

In addition, if you are lucky enough, you can raise giants all week to receive a huge bonus.

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Tips for raising lottery numbers to ensure success

After knowing how many days the lottery has not returned, you need to have tips to catch a good number. However, choosing a good number is not enough, you need to decide how much to invest to get the most worthy reward.

For those who don’t really have much experience playing, here are some tips for raising dice that you need to refer to:

  • Usually, the detuning has many forms and the return time cannot be determined accurately. Therefore, you need to find a way to know how many days the double lottery has not been drawn to choose lucky numbers.
  • You need to have a stable source of capital if you decide to raise lottery numbers for many days. Note, be careful and consider carefully before making an investment decision.
  • Regardless of the type of question, it must take a certain amount of time for the new question to appear on the results table. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to persevere in cultivating the frame when you know how many days it lasts
  • When raising a worm, if it’s been 7 days and it still hasn’t come back, the safest choice now is to stop. Even if you have abundant capital, you should not invest.
  • You should create a capital investment plan to manage your money properly and have a high chance of receiving the rewards you desire.

Perhaps this article has answered your question The problem has not returned for many days, along with important identifying signs. Hopefully, these shares can help you apply the right knowledge and win attractive rewards.

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