How to Play Basic Scratch Cards and Tips to Always Win

Summer comes again, How to play scratch cards continues to be on the list of things most searched for by gamers. This sport has become so familiar to Vietnamese people, but many emerging players are still not very clear about how to win all 10 times. We will send you detailed information soon.

What is a scratch card game?

OKVIP Want to understand quickly How to play scratch cards, players need to grasp the title Card game What is this and how does it work? Scratch card has the scientific name Baccarat, this subject is currently becoming the king in online and offline casinos around the world.

When introduced to Vietnam, the publishers changed it a bit to suit the style of Vietnamese people. However, the game still takes place using a deck of 52 cards, and a hand of cards will be divided into 3 cards.

Winning or losing in scratch cards is based on the score between the members participating in the game. If you choose to compete with the dealer, both sides will also calculate the total score of the cards and compare them with each other.

Rules for playing scratch cards that gamblers should know

Not in the How to play scratch cardsBut every player must learn the rules before participating in the game. Because, if you want to play, you need to know the rules so as not to violate the rules, leading to unjust loss of the initial bet.

Regulations on the number of hands in a game

Baccarat has 2 – 6 bettors competing in a match. However, that is only an average number, the number of members can increase a bit but still must have 3 cards per person. Most forms of online play will be the house playing against the house, so there is no limit to who can bet at the same time.

Scoring rules

The scratch card rules in calculating points are as follows:

  • For the score of each card: Aces are conventionally = 1 point, cards from 2 – 10 have points corresponding to the content written on cards J, Q, K = 10 points.
  • Total score of 3 clear cards How to play scratch cards: The lowest is 0 and the highest is 9 points. If the score has 2 digits, take it in the units place.

Rules for arranging scratch cards

Arranging scratch cards is not difficult because this game only has 3 cards: Sap, Lieng and Ba scratch:

  • Wax: When there are 3 cards of the same value, in which the set of 3 Aces has the highest score.
  • Lieng: Three cards with consecutive values, such as 7, 8, 9.
  • Three-scratch: Also known as Ba Tay, are three cards with pictures of people printed on them with the same score value (eg J, Q, K). When you own these cards, you will immediately win by default.

Instructions on how to play magic scratch cards

How to play scratch card games is everywhere in the media. However, not all brothers can find specific and detailed instructions. Many people learn how to play in the blink of an eye, but when applied to the actual game, they lose the first time. Let’s pay attention to the following tips to play scratch cards safely!

How to play basic scratch cards for new gamers

After understanding the above information about the concepts, rules, etc., you have enough equipment to start playing scratch card games. As a reminder, each game does not necessarily have a maximum of 6 people, but there is also flexibility. Dealer balances how to deal 3 cards per member.

  • Step 1: You need to clearly determine the amount of money you bet in the upcoming game. In some bookmakers, the place where the money is placed is called “Eraser”. After placing money, the player who bets will be dealt any 3 cards in the set of 52 cards by the dealer.
  • Step 2: Each member will turn over their cards and calculate the total score to find the person with the highest score. When two people are equal, the prize money will be divided in half. If up to 3 players bet on the same score, start a new game
  • Step 3: This is the decisive step in a scratch card competition. Gamers have the right to choose to bet all or call, face down. If a player feels that his hand is too strong and no one can defeat him, he will choose to go all in.
  • Step 4: Compare cards among members, the person with the highest score will win the prize. If the remaining person is the only one who continues to choose to raise and no one chooses to follow, you win.

Tips for playing scratch cards

Besides the instructions for playing scratch cards mentioned above, you should learn more outside tips to increase your chances of winning, for example:
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  • Understand the rules as well How to play scratch cards basic when just joining the online betting industry.
  • Invest a stable amount of capital, divide it into parts to play more games.
  • Be mentally strong when participating in competitions, do not be hasty or hasty in any situation to avoid being caught by your opponent.
  • Practice the skill of judging the situation while playing to know whether you should choose to raise, call or fold, etc.
  • You should bet from low to high to increase your odds of winning money.

How to play scratch cards The previous tips are from low to high levels for new players and old members. OKVIP Currently organizing many prestigious and high-quality card game halls that are chosen by many bettors. This house is also currently launching many of the best promotions in 2023 to thank members, why not try it guys!

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