Jun88 Promotion- Updated Latest Promotions 2024

The Jun88 soccer brand is one of the online entertainment addresses that always ranks at the top of the rankings in the Asian market. This place continuously updates programs Jun88 promotion for new players and betting halls. In the following article, we will list the latest incentives in 2024 at the system.

Summary of the latest Jun88 promotions for the new year 2024

The old year has passed, a new year has begun, promising to bring interesting and attractive things from the system’s incentive programs. Currently, the playground is applying a number of events for members in 2024 as follows:

Latest promotions in 2024 at Jun88

Give red envelopes on God of Wealth Day, January 10, 2024 of the lunar calendar

Jun88 system will award 1,000 billion red envelopes to all members at the brand. Whether you are a newbie or a long-time member, you only need to have a valid account to receive the bonus. Quickly register and complete 1 single betting round to have a chance to receive rewards from the system.

Lucky money on the occasion of Lunar New Year for members

Members who successfully register an account will have a lucky chance to receive lucky money from the house worth 1,000 billion VND. This program is randomly distributed by the system, lucky members will receive incentives. To withdraw the bonus you only need to complete 1 betting round.

Jun88 promotions are exclusive to all members

These are events that apply to new members registering to join the house. If you are planning to experience the playground, don’t miss the programs below:

Bonus event for 1st, 2nd, 3rd deposits for new members worth 34,664,000 VND

New players who provide complete and accurate information to successfully create an account and make the first 3 consecutive deposits will have a chance to receive a huge prize. The condition for withdrawing the prize is that you need to complete 3 rounds of betting at the system.

  • The first time the reward value is up to 18,888,888 VND
  • The second time the reward value is 8,888,000 VND
  • Third time receiving a reward worth 6,888,000 VND.

First deposit bonus for 3 consecutive times at Jun88

Refund 15% of bet value for new members

Members who deposit money for the first time and experience the slot machine and fish shooting game hall will receive a refund of 15% of the total winnings and losses. Program start time Jun88 promotionThis From February 21, 2024, maximum conversion to cash is up to 8,888,000 VND.
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Bonus 0.6% value per deposit

When a member deposits 10 points or more into the Jun88 system, the system will update and reward 0.6% of the deposit value. You can participate multiple times to receive many incentives because the house does not limit the number of deposits or deposits. Just make 1 betting round and you will transfer the prize to your bank account.

Instant refund updated every 1 hour a day up to 2%

Programme Jun88 promotion Super attractive instant refunds welcome you and new players. When you bet at the house, regardless of whether you win or lose by 1 point or more, you will have the opportunity to receive rewards from this offer. The event will be applied every day and has no limit on the number of rewards and the number of times you receive money.

Unlimited 2% instant refund

Some Jun88 promotions are exclusive to each game hall

When players participate in each betting hall in the system such as: Sports. Jackpot exploding, fish shooting or card games all have promotions specific to each product. Here are some current special events being updated:

  1. Bonus bets are valid at the sports game lobby for only Saturdays of the week. Members who participate and have a valid total bet amount have a chance to receive it Jun88 promotion worth up to 25,888,000 VND.
  2. Bonus when winning, insurance when losing or placing valid bets at fish shooting hall, pot exploding and card games. Specifically:
  • Winning bonus worth 10,000,000 VND
  • Loss bet insurance is received when you have a total loss of 200 points or more.
  • Valid bets every day receive a reward of 58,888 points.

Promotional programs at poker, fish shooting, and card game halls

Things to keep in mind when participating in the Jun88 promotion

So that members can receive rewards Jun88 promotion smoothly and successfully, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Promotions take place from time to time as determined and announced by the house.
  • Gamers need to learn and clearly understand the conditions for receiving rewards such as: number of betting rounds, total deposit or betting revenue.
  • If fraud is detected, the system will cut all bonus funds from your account.


Above are all the programs Jun88 promotion being updated and applied at the present time. Hopefully, through this article, it will help readers clearly understand each event. From there, find the right program and participate in receiving rewards.

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