How to Play Over Under Soccer to Win

How to Play Over/Under Soccer to Win 100% Money

How to play over/under in football is a topic of great interest in the betting community. In this article, let’s explore with Hi88 the strategies and skills needed to win when betting on over/under in soccer.

Learn about over/under and how to calculate bets correctly

Football Over/Under, also known as Over/Under, is a type of betting that is simple to play but difficult to win. The main content of this game is that players predict the total number of goals scored in a certain match will be higher than the number given by the house (Over) or lower than that number (Under).

How to play over/under in football, knowing how to calculate bets correctly is very important, helping you control the amount of money you spend and the money you win. The rules for calculating over/under bets are quite simple, but you need to understand them clearly to avoid mistakes.

In over/under bets, the house will offer a certain odds, called the over/under odds. This odds will determine the amount of money won or lost when betting.

Formula for calculating winnings on over/under bets:Winning amount = Bet amount * Odds

For example: If you bet 100,000 VND on Over with an odds of 0.9, then when you win, you will be returned 100,000 * 0.9 = 90,000 VND.

Formula for calculating losses on over/under bets:Loss = Bet amount

For example: If you bet 100,000 VND on Over with an odds of 0.9, then when you lose the bet, you will lose the entire bet amount, that is 100,000 VND.

Some popular football over-under strategies

In video games, winning is what any player wants. However, to win, players need to have effective strategies. There are many different strategies that can help players increase their winning rate, depending on the specific game.

Rush strategy

The folding strategy is one of the popular strategies. This strategy is based on the principle of gradually increasing the bet amount after each loss and decreasing the bet amount after each win. The aim is to ensure that players will always be profitable in the long run.

For example:

You bet 100,000 VND on Over and lost. You double your bet and bet 200,000 VND on Over and lose. Continue to double the bet amount and place 400,000 VND on Over and win. Reduce the bet amount to 100,000 VND and continue playing.

Tactics of playing on demand

How to play over/under in football vWith the demand-based strategy, players do not need to analyze the match too much, but only need to rely on the results of recent matches to make decisions about betting over or under.

The bridges in football can also be divided into 3 main types: Over, Under and Draw. Over is when the results of the matches are continuously Over. Under is when the results of consecutive matches are Under. A draw is when the match result is a draw.

To recognize the ball in soccer over/under, players need to observe the results of the most recent matches. If there are at least 3 consecutive matches going to the same door, it can be concluded that the bridge is going to that door.

Mass betting strategy

The majority betting strategy is applied by many people when starting to play over/under soccer. So where is it?Advantages and disadvantages of this strategy as well as what to keep in mind when applying this strategy:


  • Simplicity and ease of application: You do not need to have much knowledge or experience about football over and under. Just follow a large number of other players and bet according to them.
  • Relatively high winning rate: The crowd betting strategy has a relatively high winning rate, especially when applied properly. By following a large number of other players, you can grasp general trends and make more informed betting decisions.


  • Not guaranteed to win: Betting according to the majority means you are following the crowd. Meanwhile, the crowd is not always right. There may be times when a large number of other players bet wrongly, leading to losses.
  • Many risks: Betting in large numbers will cause you to bear many risks, especially when the majority of other players are wrong. If you bet wrongly, you will lose a large amount of money. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before applying this strategy.

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How to play over/under in football to win big from the experts

Besides the above strategies, you should consider the following ways to play over/under so you don’t miss the opportunity to win money.

  • Clearly define profit goals: Before you start playing, clearly define your profit goal. When you know how much you want to achieve, you will be able to plan your capital management more appropriately.
  • Reasonable capital allocation for each match: NeedAllocate capital to ensure you can play many matches. This is a way to play over/under soccer to avoid running out of capital midway. Ideally, you should divide your capital into equal parts and use a small part for each match.
  • You should not bet too much money on one match: How to play over/under in footballNever bet too much money on a match, even if you are very confident. If you lose, you will lose a large amount of money and may affect your profit goals
  • Know when to stop: If you are losing continuously, know when to stop. Don’t try to unwind by betting more money, that will only cause more losses. Take a break for a while and come back to play when you have calmed down again.
  • Choose a reputable bookmaker: When playing Over/Under soccer, choose a reputable bookmaker with a clear operating license. Avoid playing at unreliable bookmakers because you may be scammed or lose money.

Football Over/Under is an attractive and interesting betting game, but also contains many risks. To win this game, you need to have knowledge, experience and alertness. Hopefully, the way to play over/under soccer that Hi88 shares in this article will help you get convincing victories in upcoming soccer matches!

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