India Cricket: How Cricket Came to India

In the early 18th century, agreements were established between India and England and France that provided for the authorization of trading business in Delhi and other coastal Indian cities. Over time, English and French settlements were formed in India, which inevitably brought new strands of national culture into Indian society.

A historical event took place around the year 1721. A ship from Britain arrived at the port of Kutch, which is located in western India. The sailors who came off the ship during their vacation began to play some interesting game on land, which aroused the interest of the Indians. It turned out that they were playing the same cricket that England had long been fond of.

Important events in the history of cricket in Indian territory:

  • The first recorded cricket match in Indian territory between British army and English settlers dates back to 1751.
  • In 1792, a cricket club was established in the city of Calcutta – Calcutta Cricket Club (CC), which today bears the name CC & FC. It became the second oldest club in the world after England’s Marylebone Cricket Club.
  • In 1761, Calcutta Cricket Club played its first international match in India against the English team Old Etonians. This game was the first recorded century on Indian soil about the cricket cup, you can learn more about it at

India Cricket: How cricket Developed in India

In 1848, the Parsis were the first to take part in civilian cricket. They founded their Oriental Cricket Club in Mumbai, but the club quickly collapsed. Two years later in 1850 they founded the Young Zoroastrians Club. In 1866, Hindu cricketers founded their own cricket club – Hindu Gymkhana.

Within 20 years cricket was gaining more and more popularity in India:

  • New clubs began to form in other cities as well.
  • In 1884 the first international match took place in Calcutta against Sri Lanka.
  • In Mumbai in 1884, the Parsi Gymkhana club was established.
  • In 1885 in Calcutta there was a match between Presidency Club and Australia.

Against foreign rivals Indians played expectedly badly, but they treated losses competently and philosophically, say, in such cricket competitions it is more important to gain new knowledge and experience.

In 1888, the Parsis went on tour to England and for the first time were able to demonstrate a worthwhile result. According to statistics, the team from India was able to win 8 matches, 12 draws, and 11 games – to lose. The most prolific player in the team was round-arm bowler Dr. Mehellasha Pavri, who managed to take 170 wickets.

In 1889 the English sent their cricket team to India to play against those Englishmen who had already settled in Indian cities for a long time. However, the Parsi team, thanks to their successful performance on the tour the year before, took part in one extra match against England, which they won. This is the first historic defeat for the English on Indian soil.

India Cricket: How the Organization was Formed

In the 1920s, cricket in India was gaining momentum. More cricket clubs appeared in the country, players demonstrated new successes, the society became even more interested in the new sport. Therefore, the question of forming an official cricket sporting community in India soon became an issue.

On November 21, 1927, a meeting was held in Delhi with 45 delegates from the following Indian cities: Sind, Punjab, Patiala, Delhi, the United Provinces, Rajputana, Alwar, Bhopal, Gwalior, Baroda, Kathiawar and Central India.

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