Introduction about DD7

In the increasingly vibrant and growing online game market, dd7 has risen as one of the reputable bookmakers which is legally registered in the Philippines and recognized by the same agency as a reputable top quality and most reliable bookie.

First look

DD7 bookie is created with a mission to bring the most diverse, high-quality entertainment for players in the online betting market. When joining in dd7, players will have many interesting choices with the fastest, most convenient and dedicated customer service. In addition, dd7 also has abundant game store and a high level cybersecurity system.

Being recognized by GEO TRUST, dd7 is certified as the safest website because all members’ information will be encrypted to ensure absolute privacy.

How to register a dd7 account

There are some simple steps to register an account in dd7 website. Please stick with us to reveal.

Step 1: Access to dd7 website.

Step 2: Press “Register” button with yellow color in the top right corner.

Step 3: Fill in your information. Choose the simplest log in number and the hardest password to ensure security level.

Step 4: Check your email and press on the confirmation link to complete the process.

How to deposit and withdraw money on dd7

Speedy deposit process at DD7

Offline payments at dd7 are done by using the bank card number from any bank in Vietnam. Players can use ATM deposit or use a checking account to transfer money.

Online payment accepted by dd7 is divided into 5 types, namely as Ngan Luong, Bitcoin, Bao Kim, debit card and online transfer.

Each way of money transfer can has a different number of accounts, you just need to choose one to proceed the transaction. After confirming the successful transaction, the system will update the money in your wallet within 1-2 minutes.

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Withdraw money at dd7

The process is very simple extremely fast as follow:

Step 1: After clicking on the “Withdraw” button, a window will appear to ask you to confirm whether the entire balance has been transferred to the main account. After confirming the information, please click “Continue” button to proceed.

Step 2: Enter amount of money you wish to withdraw. Please make sure that the amount you enter is a valid number and your balance must have enough money.

Step 3: Select a bank and bank account number you want to receive the money and make sure the name of the recipient matches the bank account holder. Then enter the pin code and make the withdraw. The money will be added to your bank account in 3-5 minutes.

DD7 promotions

  • First deposit bonus: Get 100% value of the top-up card
  • Deposit promotion: Get 1% of the deposit value
  • Weekend deposit promotion
  • Instant recharge double gift
  • Promotion for quick deposit and withdrawal: Compensation for delayed deposit or withdrawing
  • Promotion for card games to receive up to 17,308,000 VND
  • Daily bets at sports receive a bonus of 28,888,000 VND
  • Promotion for fish shooting game: maximum to 22,999,000 VND
  • Slot game bonus of 16,888,000 VND
  • Cashback every month up to16,800,000 VND


Well, I hope you know everything you need to begin playing at dd7. If you have anymore question, please feel free to contact us. Register at webstite:

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