Introduction of Manbetx casino

Introduction of Manbetx casino

ManBetX is the top online bookie not only in Hong Kong but also in other Asian countries like Vietnam. The casino always brings exciting moments to its players as well as many chance to be richer and richer. Let’s find out the secret behind the success of ManBetX.

What is ManBetX?

Back to the early months of 2021, ManBetX has set it feet into Vietnamese market and stayed strong after that. The casino is run by LeDong Group, a Chinese company that is headquartered in Shanghai. In Vietnamese market, ManBetX has been known under the name Wanbo – Van Bac. With the motto of giving customers the best gambling experience, ManBetX is trying their best in improving image quality, security level as well as the transparency and fairness.

History of ManBetX

The ManBetX company is established in 2007 in an island country, Malta. The company is legalised by the UK Gambling Commission. After that, LeDong group has been in charge of running ManBetX with the headquarter in Shanghai.

The prominent features of ManBetX casino

First to know, ManBetX is the main sponsor of many sport leagues all over the world, especially in football. In detail, ManBetX is the sponsor for Crystal Palace Football Club, one of the oldest football in the UK. This club is a founding member of Championship Premier League and has won the English First Division championship.

Another club that has been sponsored by ManBetX is Real Madrid. From the very first time of the club, ManBetX has been support it to become one of the biggest and most loved football club in the world.

The last club that has been cared by ManBetX is Wolverhampton, another England football club. There is a fact that Wolverhampton Wanderers are the only professional football team whose players are founder participants of the English Football Federation.

Now, when referring to the advantages of ManBetX, we cannot ignore its innovative technology. The casino has applied the AI technology in deposit and withdral processes so as players can easily transfer money at all time. Moreover, the bookie also has the 3 layers security system and there is no chance for the leakage of private information.

Last but not least, ManBetX is now supporting transactions through almost banks in Vietnamese. No matter where you are, you can easily deposit your money to ManBetX through domestic banks like Seabank, Vietinbank, Vietcombank, Techcombank, Agribank… or international banks.

Another advantage of ManBetX is the outstanding interface and attractive gaming layout. Created by a dedicated IT team, the ManBetX casino website is decorated with not only sophisticated interface but also smart menu, giving customers the most convenient experience when accessing.

Finally, the customer service of ManBetX is awesome. Formed and managed by professional officer of LeDong Group, the customer service team will be ready to solve any question of players at anytime of the day. Believe me, your problems are at our hand and will be eliminated in a minute.


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