KLK Oleo is a Leading MCT Supplier

KLK Oleo is a Leading Supplier of MCT

Athletes are constantly looking for an edge that makes them faster, stronger, agile or, in short, more competitive. Now, a natural product called MCT oil is showing promise as an energy booster that helps raise the performance level of endurance athletes. It’s also used in medicinal foods as a carrier of oil-soluble drugs and antibiotics. KLK Oleo is a leading MCT suppliers of caprylic capric triglyceride, which is also known as medium chain triglyceride or MCT oil

The neutral characteristics of this substance also make it appealing for use as a carrier for flavorings, food colors, fat-soluble vitamins, and fat-soluble additives. In fact, the lack of color and odor also make it ideal as an emollient for toiletries and cosmetics.

MCT Oil Differs from the Norm

The world is quickly learning that you generally want to consume a diet mainly containing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These are the fats found in heart-healthy foods, including wild-caught salmon, olive oil, walnuts, almonds, and avocados.

The oil consists mainly of saturated fats, the fats that are considered the most damaging to your health. However, research has found that the oil has no effect on your cholesterol level. What’s extra encouraging about this oil is the fact that it’s digested quickly, so it’s available for use as a quick energy source.

The oil is what is called a medium-chain fatty acid. Long-chain fatty acids contain 13 to 21 carbon atoms, and short-chain fatty acids contain less than six carbon atoms. MCT oil has 6 to 12 fatty acids. Because the molecules are smaller than those of long-chain fatty acids, they’re more easily absorbed by the liver and can be used as fuel for the body faster.

Immediate Energy Source

Research has shown that oil provides an instant source of energy. The oil can also help a person when they need to focus and concentrate; the oil is broken down into ketones in the liver, providing more efficient energy for the brain, which may help concentration.

This oil can also help athletic performance. It reduces the lactate levels in the muscles. High lactate levels are an indirect marker of muscle fatigue. And athletes who were given 6 grams of the oil before a workout were able to lower their rates of exertion during medium and high-intensity exercises. To the athlete, this feels like you’re not exerting yourself as much to reach the same measure of intensity and attain certain goals.

Heart-Healthy MCT Oil

As touched on earlier, the oil is considered heart-healthy, although it contains mainly saturated fats. Studies show that the oil may offer protective effects on a person’s cardiovascular system. It’s thought that the oil improves serum lipid profiles, which is a potential benefit proving the oil is heart healthy.

The fact that the oil is very benign in taste and texture means that it can easily be added to beverages like teas and coffee or stirred into smoothies before a workout.

To learn more about the benefits of MCT oil, contact KLK Oleo, one of the world’s leading suppliers of this beneficial oil.

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