Manage Your Office Tasks Efficiently on Your Mac With the Perfect PDF Toolkit

PDF files have become a mainstream file type that is used to manage all kinds of official documents. Offices consider sending, receiving, and managing files using PDF format. How can one make their office tasks more effective with better management of PDF files? This article defines a guideline that will give you an overview of how you can manage your office tasks perfectly.

Part 1: Introducing the Perfect PDF Management Facility for Mac

Achieving the feat of perfect document management is possible with Wondershare PDFelement for Mac. Where office users need a coherent tool with various features, PDFelement for Mac fills the gap. It provides them with a system of signing official documents and protecting them on a single interface.

Talking about what is OCR PDF, PDFelement for Mac features a comprehensive scanning facility to convert documents into editable PDFs. Being an office user, you will need a variety of annotations with a proper commenting system. Do try Wondershare PDFelement as it makes operability extremely diverse, where the features offered are too good.

This all-in-one PDF editor provides a cross-system option for its users. This helps them manage PDFs on desktop, mobile, and web browsers. No matter where you are, managing PDFs is essentially easy with this tool.

With PDFelement 9 taking the mainstream market, there are a few new features that are prominent within this update:

  • The platform now comes with a new user interface design, with comprehensive support for dark mode.
  • You can work in 13 different languages, which covers a larger audience.
  • There are multiple functions available within this PDF editor apart from editing. It includes converting PDFs, scanning documents with the OCR facility, annotating documents, and adding watermarks.
  • You can open, save and share your essential PDF files using the cloud, which allows you to access them anywhere.

Part 2: Things You Can Try to Improve Your Office Efficiency

provides different options to improve PDFs, hence office efficiency. Rather than indulging in unnecessary paperwork, you can get it done under different provisions. Let’s see how you can improve it with the help of this PDF tool:

1.      Cloud File Multi-Terminal Interoperability

PDFelement for Mac provides the perfect system for shifting offline documents to the dedicated cloud service, Document Cloud. Open the documents and save the edited content in real time in the cloud service. This allows you to view your document on your iPhone, Windows, Mac, or any other computing device. Whether you are on a business trip or in any important session, viewing documents using portable devices is possible.

1.      Create Multiple Images into a PDF

Images are present as separate files, which can be challenging to manage as you have to access every image one after another. To counter viewing, reading, and managing problems, you can combine all images in a PDF file with PDFelement. It easily creates a PDF file for you for a better view.

1.      Export Comments

Annotations or comments made on PDF documents are not visible at all times. You can only view the type and location of the comment on the original file. With PDFelement, you can export all your comments and annotations, which can offer synchronization of all comments.

1.      Long Picture

If the PDF is long enough to read, you can convert it into a single image with PDFelement. This tool converts the whole document into a single long picture that can be controlled and viewed easily.

1.      Upload Image Signature

This PDF tool features the option of adding signatures within digital documents. You can now upload image signatures of your choice and adjust them according to your requirements.

1.      Batch Printing

Mac users can print out a set of documents at the same time. With the batch processing tool, printing out a list of files with customized options is possible with this tool.

Part 3: A Composite PDF Management Solution for iOS Users

One great thing about this PDF management solution is its multi-terminal access. PDFelement for iOS provides users with the option of accessing their PDFs easily on their iPhones and iPad. With this, they can edit, crop, compress, merge, print, protect, add watermarks, and organize their PDFs. Under such a heightened feature set, PDFelement is an excellent option for iOS users.

While you can also synchronize this iOS service with the cloud, accessibility to documents gets very effective. You can easily convert your required documents without even taking them to the desktop. Such operability makes procession very easy, and office users can highly benefit from it.


It has been stated as a fact that PDF management is essential for improving office efficiency. With tools like PDFelement for Mac, you can ensure a smooth flow within your office. The proficiency of different features makes it easy for you to manage your PDF files. This also includes managing the documents on iPhones and iPads.

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