Powering the Future of Wide Bandgap Device Testing: ActionPower’s Programmable Power Solutions

In the fast-paced world of power electronics, the rise of wide bandgap (WBG) devices has revolutionized the industry, paving the way for more efficient, compact, and reliable power systems. As power supply manufacturers and their customers navigate this technological shift, the need for advanced testing solutions has never been more pressing.

Enter ActionPower, a leading power supply manufacturer that has been at the forefront of innovative power testing equipment design. With their latest programmable power solutions, ActionPower is empowering power supply manufacturers and their customers to unlock the full potential of WBG device testing, driving the industry forward with unparalleled performance and flexibility.

The ABS Battery Simulator: Redefining Power Testing

At the heart of ActionPower’s programmable power solutions is the ABS Battery Simulator, a cutting-edge power supply that sets new standards in accuracy, dynamics, and real-time performance. This powerful tool is designed to comprehensively simulate the output characteristics of batteries, allowing power supply manufacturers and their customers to thoroughly test a wide range of applications, from electric vehicle motor controller systems to power conditioning systems (PCS).

Through its advanced software functions, the ABS Battery Simulator provides a versatile array of battery simulation capabilities, enabling power supply manufacturers to accurately replicate the complex behavior of battery packs. This level of precision is crucial in the development and testing of WBG-based power electronics, where even the slightest variations in power supply characteristics can have a significant impact on system performance.

Unlocking the Possibilities of WBG Device Testing

But the ABS Battery Simulator’s capabilities go beyond just battery simulation. The power supply manufacturer has equipped this solution with comprehensive programming functions, allowing power supply manufacturers to simulate a diverse range of waveform outputs through step, list, and wave programming modes. This flexibility empowers power supply manufacturers to meet the unique testing requirements of multiple industries, ensuring that their products and solutions are rigorously validated and ready for real-world deployment.

Powering the Future of Power Electronics

As the power electronics industry continues to evolve, driven by the rapid adoption of WBG devices, ActionPower remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in power testing equipment design. By leveraging their deep understanding of the industry’s needs and their expertise in power electronics, the power supply manufacturer is continuously developing new solutions that address the unique challenges faced by their customers.


ActionPower‘s programmable power solutions, anchored by the ABS Battery Simulator, are transforming the way power supply manufacturers and their customers approach WBG device testing. By providing unparalleled accuracy, flexibility, and programming capabilities, the power supply manufacturer is empowering its customers to stay at the forefront of power electronics innovation, driving the industry forward with cutting-edge testing capabilities that unlock the full potential of WBG devices.

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