San Diego car crash: Don’t miss these essential suggestions

When you have sustained severe injuries in a car crash in San Diego, it is pertinent you focus on recovering a settlement. In other states, you would need to file a claim with your insurer, but since California is a fault state, you can sue the at-fault driver. The settlement should cover your losses, including medical bills, loss of work, future treatment needs, and noneconomical damages, such as pain and suffering. Here are some essential suggestions that you must follow –

Call the police immediately

If someone needs urgent medical care, call 911. You should also notify the local law enforcement and wait at the scene. The other driver may want you to believe that the accident is a minor fender bender, and therefore, you should settle things without getting the police involved. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the situation is simple.

Focus on your medical care

Even when you don’t have immediate pain following the accident, you should seek medical attention. An injury doctor will evaluate to determine whether you need a certain line of treatment. Whatever the doctor suggests, follow their advice and don’t skip physical therapy.

Call an injury lawyer

Personal injury law firms in San Diego take car accident claims without a retainer fee. At the least, you deserve to know what your damages are worth, for which you must hire an attorney. Your lawyer will also take care of the insurance negotiation and investigate further to find the party accountable for your situation. They also have valuable resources that will come in handy.

Don’t share details with anyone

We are so used to social media that it is common to post new information all the time. However, your accident claim is not a matter of entertainment. Unless you win or settle the case, do not share details with any other person but your attorney. Doing so could hurt your claim.

Don’t accept your fault

The police, the insurance company, and the at-fault driver will be interested in knowing your version of events. Don’t admit fault, even if you are liable for the crash, and ensure that you keep all details safe with you. When you meet an injury lawyer, let them know about your share in the fault, and they will devise a strategy accordingly.

Take your time to choose a law firm in San Diego for your car accident case but don’t wait too long to seek legal help.  

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