The Best Windows for Great Lighting in Homes

Increasing the amount of natural light in your home has numerous advantages. Your reliance on artificial lighting during the day is lessened by natural daylight, which saves energy and lowers your electric cost. Simple, natural lighting brings out the beauty of color and texture, giving your home a sophisticated appearance. And, let’s face it, exposure to natural light improves your mood and makes you feel better, even on cloudy days when some light still shines through. There are many reasons to let more natural light into your house, but you might be at a loss on how to make your space more luminous. There are a few different ways to accomplish this without going over budget or causing months of home disruption with house additions. Here are a few straightforward remodeling suggestions you may employ to get more natural light into your house.

Picture Windows

Picture windows come with uninterrupted glass panes and come in huge sizes to let in the most light. They are among the greatest available solutions for more natural light. Picture windows can’t be opened or closed, though, so a single-hung or double-hung window would be a better option for you if you prefer that kind of flexibility. Alternatively, you can combine functional and non-functional windows to make a stunning window design that lets in light and improves ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an option for movable windows that offer lovely, expansive vistas and simple functionality. You can create breathtaking views that let in lots of natural light by combining windows of varying sizes or with single-hung windows on either side.

Bay Windows

Three or more windows linked at an angle and extending outward from the home’s façade make up bay and bow windows. They not only add to the interior space, but also provide additional light that other portions of the house might not get because of eaves or rooftop shadows. This particular window design captures light from many angles, making it a special option when deciding on light sources.

Skylight Window

Skylight windows may open up a room and let in a lot more natural light during the day, changing the atmosphere of your home in a similar way to how mirrors can. When installed in the roof, homeowners may also see the night sky, a developing storm, and everything else the upper reaches of the outside have to offer. Although they are increasingly ubiquitous in residential homes, these windows are typical of holiday homes. Homeowners have the option of purchasing skylight windows made of glass or plastic. Some skylight windows can be opened to provide for ventilation, depending on the manufacturer.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have hardware that, when not in use, tucks away into a recessed opening on the right or left. When fully open, casement windows provide top-to-bottom airflow and are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in preserving energy. Casement windows from Renewal by Andersen are excellent for enhancing a room’s view and ventilation. They are a great option above cupboards and countertops where reaching is required for opening.

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