The Ultimate Guide to Know Peel Off Ends for Retort Food Packaging

Retort food is the food packed by peel off ends in the process of sterilization. Peel ends provided by a peel off ends manufacturer Canlids are used to remove the lid from the deviation of the packaging.

What are peel off ends?

The peel off end is a lid covering the can or the bottle opening. They are used to protect consumers from tampering, and in some cases are also legal requirements.

How to use peel off ends for packaging?

There are several ways to peel off the end for refutation packaging. One method is to use cans open door. Put the canned end on the blade of the canned bottle, and fix it in an appropriate position when the canned handle is rotated. After twisting, the end should be easy to fall off. Another method is to use a knife. Cut off the end of the packaging and strip it away.

The advantages of peel off ends used to package

The peel off end of packaging may be an economical and efficient way to make your products look novel. Here are some advantages:

1) Reduce waste. You are not having to use the entire end, you are reducing the number of materials entering the landfill.

2) It is easier to deal with. With fewer parts, it is easier to obtain consistent stripping results.

3) They are unlikely to cause damage. The ends of the sharp edge can easily wear or tear the packaging material, which may cause premature failure and waste materials.


Peel off end is one of the most important tasks in packaging. The stripping end is a good way to prevent packaging damage and ensure that products reach the target consumers in a perfect state. Hope you can find suitable peeling ends for your customers on Canlids!

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