Top 3 Weighty Reasons To Obtain CompTIA Certification

Do you dream of building a prosperous career in IT? Then you should work hard on improving your technical experience. Apart from that, you will also need to focus on technical education. While a formal degree plays an important role, you shouldn’t forget about the prestigious international certifications. The New SY0-601 Testing Engine is one example. This vendor has a solid reputation in the IT market. Its certificates represent valid proof that the accredited professionals hold advanced skills in networking, security, cloud, and more. Therefore, once you add a CompTIA qualification to your CV, your access to work in international companies will be easier and faster.

Thus, are you curious to learn more about the benefits for your career tracks to the CompTIA accreditation? Keep reading this article to find more details.

3 Reasons You Should Consider When Deciding On The CompTIA Certification

When start preparing for your CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 , you should keep in mind the advantages that it can bring for your professional development. Even though the training path might seem difficult, as long as you focus on the final result, you can be clearly assured that you will get the passing score on the first try. Moreover, you can find below more details regarding the key benefits of the CompTIA accreditation:

  1. Validation of your knowledge

CompTIA offers you the opportunity to prove officially your knowledge concerning a highly demanded technical area. For example, you can choose designations that will help you become a pro in virtualization, cybersecurity, or networking. On top of that, the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 give you a chance to stay updated with the latest trends in these domains and learn from skilled trainers how to implement the theoretical information in a business environment.

  1. Easier access to international companies

The CompTIA certificates represent the industry’s standard. Therefore, whenever they discover a CV with a CompTIA accreditation, recruiters become highly interested in interviewing this respective candidate. So, the recruitment process will be smoother, and hiring managers won’t focus too much on validating your hard skills. To put it in other words, the CompTIA designation will open the doors of international companies for you. Thus, with the A+ certification, you can build a career in such companies as Intel, Nissan, Hp, Dell. Having the Network+ designation can help you be hired in Apple, and Canon. The Security+ certification will open you doors to such companies as NETFLIX, Splunk>, and TARGET.

  1. Generous annual payment opportunities

The CompTIA A+ 220-1001 helps you make an impact in your organization. Once you start this accreditation journey, you will have access to different types of training classes and materials. So, you will learn about the newest technologies and solutions that can be implemented in any organization. Besides, your managers know that the process to obtain a CompTIA certificate is quite difficult. Therefore, as they want to keep working with a top-skilled specialist like you, they will be open to offering generous salaries and extra bonuses to compensate for your efforts of getting certified.

For instance, as a CompTIA A+ 220-1002 holder, you can earn an average of $64k per year, while getting the CompTIA Security+ qualification that figure rises to $77k according to


So, getting a CompTIA certification is one of the wisest ideas you can have to advance your career path. It offers you the opportunity to qualify your expertise in a professional environment and get a valuable designation under your belt. On top of that, your self-confidence will boost and you will be viewed as a pro in your team. Therefore, you have a lot of reasons to consider adding a CompTIA certificate to your resume!

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